English bigfoot hit the lens camera

The English bigfoot hit the camera’s lensPhoto from open sources

A resident of the English village of Angmering in Sussex claims to have met with real snow in the forest by man.

As evidence, thirty-four-year-old Caroline Toms showed a pretty convincing photograph in which captured the legendary humanoid creature. Snapshot has so high quality that the face is clearly visible on it relict hominid.

According to the woman, that day she calmly walked in the forest for the outskirts of the village dog. Caroline took a camera with her to take a few pictures of your pet in nature, laying them out in further to the World Wide Web. She didn’t even think that one thing of the photos she received will circulate the entire Internet and be studied by numerous researchers of paranormal phenomena.

A photo from open sources

At some point, the Englishwoman suddenly saw between trees tall creature with thick dark hair, similar to a large monkey walking on its hind legs. Toms of course scared, but managed to capture a stranger in the photo before her the labrador retriever with a loud bark rushed to the mysterious creature and scared him off. Hearing the dog, the alleged Bigfoot hastened to hide in the thicket.

Caroline is convinced that she managed to take a picture of the sasquatch, dwelling in the forests of south sussex. Obviously humanoid monkeys in the UK do not occur in the wild. Probability of that someone purposely dressed up in a similar suit and wandered away from people also have little chance of being recognized.

According to the famous British cryptozoologist Matthew Goldcock, he would really like to believe in the authenticity of this picture. Wherein the specialist notes that the description of the snowman, provided by a woman looks plausible enough – these creatures really love to roam alone in deserted places in nature, while they are very shy and never attack people.

Bigfoot Dogs

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