February 23 with Anna Chapman on REN TV

Global analysts say the escalation of confrontation between
USA and Russia in 2018. What technologies are experienced in
American biolabs at the borders of the Russian Federation, will show Anna Chapman. REN
TV will devote on February 23 to new revelations – and it will satisfy the audience
Day of the program “Secrets Chapman.”

February 23 – Defender of the Fatherland Day and Anna’s Birthday
Chapman. Весь день в эфире REN ТВ можно будет увидеть новые выпуски
popular program.

Dozens of Pentagon biolabs are located near the borders of Russia – and
not only dangerous viruses can be investigated there. Weapons from plants,
buckwheat, causing cancer, and a managed swarm of nano-bees – all this already
became a reality. Is the work of American laboratories related to
wave of epidemics in Russia and in the near abroad?

From December 2017 in Uzbekistan continues the epidemic of wind
smallpox. In Kiev, 3.5 thousand people fell ill with measles. In Asia
registered a new disease, comparable to HIV. And although since
I can’t hear anything about him, everything is on the Russian Internet forums
more messages describing similar symptoms.

�“Now, apparently, the majority of the sick are in Russia.
And this leads to certain suspicions. Maybe this is
the result of the actions of the very biological laboratories that
grow on our borders like mushrooms in all CIS countries “, –
says expert Igor Nikulin.

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