Fisherman filmed a bigfoot in a video

The fisherman filmed a bigfoot in a videoA photo from open sources

Isaac Miller, a fisherman from the American city of Couse Bay in the state Oregon was able to shoot a snowman in a video. Astonishing a movie depicting a legendary humanoid creature, appeared on the famous video hosting “YouTube” on August 6 this year, however, only now, when it was posted on its Channel Paranormal Researchers Community “The Paranormal Review “, the record attracted the attention of experts and ordinary users.

According to the American, he headed out of town in early August, to fish on a picturesque stream in the forest. Miller plans create his fishing blog so he captured the camera with a tripod to take pictures of fishing in all its glory. Not seeing and hearing nothing unusual that day, the man returned in the evening with catch home and decided to watch with his wife a video shot in the afternoon. Suddenly, Isaac Kira’s wife pointed to the monitor with her hand and asked: “Who is it?” The fisherman rewound the video and the couple reviewed it again. Amazed spouses saw a dark shaggy the creature that peeked out from behind the bushes to the left of the angler, second looked at him and again disappeared into the green. This video clip Miller and uploaded to YouTube. Bigfoot appears on the fifth second right above the man and disappears a few seconds later.

“I could not believe my eyes,” the American says. “And Kira, of course, too. It’s so interesting and scary at the same time. to realize that something amazing happened near you, and you I didn’t even guess at that. Maybe I should thank fate that nothing bad happened to me because I read as if the bigfoot is omnivorous and can even attack if desired person or cow. ”

Not all YouTube users believed Isaac. Some The regulars of the resource called the recording a regular video editing. Other considered that it depicts a man in a suit – by the way, if a very good look, you can see that the bigfoot white feet. “I saw this bigfoot in the sports store. He I bought myself white sneakers in which he walks through the woods, ”- with irony writes one of the commentators. However, skeptics always ridicule what which is not accessible to their mind. It was they who laughed and had fun when burned at the stake Giordano Bruno, because it seemed unthinkable to them his claim that the earth is round and revolves around the sun …


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