From the history of Russian roulette

Under the “Russian roulette” today understand not only deadly
a dangerous game with a revolver, but also any adventure that may
end for its private traders.

However, initially – it’s still a game in which the drum
revolver was put one (two, three, until one empty chamber
clips) cartridge, after which each participant of this death show
tested his fate. He rotated the drum, and then “shot” himself in
head (most often in the temple, although it was possible in the mouth), thereby
showing off your courage or for some other purpose for example
so originally a duel was often held, where as a judge (to whom
stay alive) fate was chosen.

As we mentioned, the drum, which could be from 6 or 7
chamors, most often one cartridge was inserted, but for the most desperate
and the ratio of 5 rounds in a six-gun revolver was quite
acceptable “game.”

Sometimes the conditions of the Russian roulette were made easier by, say, shooting.
desperate brave souls should have been in the head, and in the leg or hand.
Another option is not to turn the drum every time before “firing”.
(just before the start of the game). This is a shortened Russian roulette,
since the maximum it could shoot 6 or 7 times (in
depending on the number of drum chambers).

No one still knows who invented such a deadly
the game. �”Russian Roulette”, it was alleged, began to be called only from 1937
years after the American edition of Collier’s Weekly
printed a note by a French soldier telling in
her about this fantastic game that officers “amused”
Russian army – this is what he observed during the First World War. From here and
the name is “Russian”, but why “roulette” is probably understandable
to each.

However, when Russian roulette appeared in reality,
unknown True, in Russia something similar was described as far back as
the beginning of the XIX century, when the drum revolvers did not exist.
For example, the hero of the novel “Fatalist” by M. Lermontov is the same
a deadly stunt doing with a singly flint pistol,
assuming that he quite often gave misfires. Prototype
�“Russian Roulette” is described by A.Green in his story “Zurbagansky
shooter. “

When and where did Russian roulette appear?

According to one version, Russian roulette appeared at the turn of the XIX and XX
centuries, and first in hard labor, where in this deadly show
guards allegedly forced prisoners to play while doing

According to another, more humane version, such a game was born in Russian
Army with the advent of drum pistols – revolvers. As if
officers during breaks between battles with the enemy like this
demonstrated their prowess and contempt for death. Deceased in this
case blamed on combat losses. High Command struggled with
Russian roulette in all possible ways, including de-clearing
officer in the rank and file, but it did not help, as in the case of the struggle
against duels – a desperate Russian soul is really not very good
afraid of death

Some researchers in general deprive Russia of such piquant
raisins in its history, proving that such deadly fun
were common in many countries (for example, in the USA) among
officers and even civilians. However, in general, it became
still “Russian roulette”, and, I think, for good reason.

By the way, today, “Russian roulette” that just do not call,
for example, driving at high speed on the opposite lane of the track, or
when two cars fly towards each other in the expectation of who
of the drivers will not stand the nerves faster. It is such a “roulette”
shown in the American action movie “Red Heat”, where this fight
easily won the Russian killer, whose role is fine
performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Judging by the film, the Americans are great
understand who could come up with “Russian roulette”. Only our

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