Ghostly bride

This story happened to a resident of a Russian city
Maxim Khramov, and told Sergei Solmov – his close friend,
who turned out to be a witness and direct participant of these
strange and at the same time amazing events.

�“It all started with Sergei says that Max decided to marry.
It was unexpected and strange for all of us – his friends and acquaintances.
Actually, Maxim is a good guy, sociable, funny, but in
relations with girls are frivolous, frivolous. They
around Max and so curl like butterflies, and it is clear that he is
nice, but only.

And suddenly he decided to marry, told us all about the upcoming
wedding And in general, somehow changed at once, became significant and
somehow solemn. I answered all our questions that I met
finally his soul mate and that he dreamed about such a girl all his life.
But he didn’t introduce him to the bride, and almost didn’t tell anything about her.

And the time is getting closer to the wedding, we are buying gifts, helping
Max with the organization of the celebration. Order a cafe, master of ceremonies, cars –
in short, all that is necessary. And two days before registration, Max.
agreed to introduce us to his bride. On this day they
were to meet in a city park.

Unsuccessful acquaintance with the bride

Of course, we threw everything away and went with Max. Came to
Park, waited. Time passes, but the girl does not appear. We already
started joking:

– Well, the groom, where is your bride? Maybe she from you
run away?

Max laughed at first, then began to call her on the mobile, and
she doesn’t pick up the phone. Maybe spun with affairs before
a wedding? ..

We waited even more than an hour – and all in vain. Then sent
Max look for the bride and went their separate ways.

In the evening Maxim called and said that his girlfriend had disappeared. Her
the phone is silent, there is no one in the apartment. Max’s voice was trembling, and even
it was clear from a distance how confused and frightened he was.

“Come,” I said to him and started calling the others.

When everyone gathered, I told Max everything to tell about the bride: who
she, how and where they met, and so on … In the end, they
together filed documents in the registrar! ..

It turned out that Max met a girl in a park on the shore
Black Lake. It was evening, the guy was going to go home and then he saw

… It seemed to glow from the inside with some special light,
dark eyes beckoned and warmed. Looking at them, Maxim realized that
this amazing girl is his fate. Everything about her was thrilling
mysterious, seemingly unearthly …

They встречались недолго, недели три. During this time, Maxim
finally lost his head and, fearing to hear refusal,
made a girl an offer. She agreed, and everything seems to be
it was good … before this, the last day …

The bride turned out to be a shadow shadow

First we called all the hospitals, then we went to the address where
lived girl. Neighbors replied that there is no such one here and never
it was … But Max escorted his bride to this apartment.
Her friends, he did not know. Parents, as the girl said, live
далеко и приедут только к wedding It was all incomprehensible and
caused many questions that we could not answer …

The next day – on the eve of registration – did not bring clarity. Cafe
was paid; everyone who was involved in the upcoming event
Called and asked to confirm orders. The bride never did

… They decided to drive up for registration in advance, hoping that maybe
be on the spot something cleared up. But neither the bride nor her
Relatives we did not wait. Registration was canceled, as well as
everything else, the penalty paid …

It was painful to see Max, and we decided not to leave him.
one. At night, his phone rang: “I’m waiting for you to
the same place … “

We learned about these words later, and then Max silently broke and
rushed from the apartment. While we woke up and came to,
it is already gone. Where to look for a friend? What did he hear by

One thing was clear to us: Max was called by the bride, that explained his
convulsive haste. But where could she call him? In our heads
пришло только одно место — парк на берегу Black Lake. And we
rushed there …

Drowned bride

… Even from a distance we saw a strange couple on the shore: a girl,
dressed in a white dress, pulled a guy to her, and he somehow weak and
hesitantly resisted. But she suddenly wrapped her arms around him and
dragging along, rushed down the steep bank – into the cold
dark water.

Somehow having ripped off our clothes, we dove after them. In early spring
the water was icy, her arms and legs twisted away from her. But we were lucky – we
Max was pulled out, already half dead, but still not dead … One guy
I started calling the ambulance, and we continued to look for a girl. Alas, all
our heroic efforts were in vain …

An ambulance arrived and took Max to the hospital. And before
this driver told us that it was not the first time he was coming here to
similar calls and doctors have to pump out assholes who
they climb for some reason in cold water, as if they are crazy …

When the situation is a little settled, we once again visited the shore
lakes They walked, talked to the old ladies who, like
we all know about everyone. And they found out that, really, in
this place somehow young guys drown too often. Someone
manages to save, and someone not. And this dark story began
It seems to be the fact that one girl just before the wedding threw
the bridegroom, and she drowned herself in grief in this lake.

It was a long time ago, but since then, no, no, yes, and it turns out
girl drowned from the depths to avenge her ruined
life, and revenge, apparently, indiscriminately every guy
who will meet on her way …

… Max, of course, recovered. To our story reacted somehow
strangely, we did not understand whether he believed in this mystic or not. WITH
many years have passed since then, but he is still not married, more
Moreover, Maxim obviously avoids women. Well, apparently, all you need

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