Hitler’s Secret Book Found

And although the headlines of the second book of Hitler are full of
the statements “found”, “discovered”, or rather, say:
This secret book of the Nazi leader of Germany is finally
leaked information in the media.

The fact is that until now we only knew one book by Adolf –
�“My Struggle,” labor prohibited in Russia, because it causes
unhealthy interest among neo-Nazis. However, the second book to Hitler
discovered back in 1945 – it was found by one of the American officers
and immediately handed over to his leadership. The authenticity of the authorship of this
books confirmed at one time by brigadier general USAR Telford
Taylor, as well as the employee of the Nazi publisher Eher Verlag
Joseph Berg.

The book is called “New World Order”, it was written
future Führer in 1928, but for some strange reason, so and
was not published during the life of the author, although for him it was not
no difficulty in technical terms, being the sole authority
ruler of Germany until 1945. But something else did not allow
publish this literary work …

However, the American special services were not in a hurry to make public
the second book of the German leader, so for many researchers
history, literature and especially neo-Nazis information about such
�”Find” – right manna from heaven. It is not by chance that journalists are already
talked about the fact that this work can turn our
representation of the world. But this is unlikely …

As experts say, the second book of Hitler is likely
will be as boring and incomprehensible to ordinary people as
�“My struggle” is also unlikely that something valuable will be found in it and
scientists. There is only one mystery: why it did not publish
Hitler and hid American intelligence agencies for decades?

It seems that we will soon find out about this, perhaps the second book
Hitler literally is so weak that she was ashamed
print both to himself and then to the Americans, since this
man has always been and even today remains a symbol of fantastic
will and unlimited power. It is for this reason that even his
Few young people know the pictures: they are mediocre. Of course they
it was not possible to hide, but to talk about them, even to mention, not
taken as if writing all these plain city landscapes
not even Hitler …

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