How conspiracy theories are born

Probably, the origins of each conspiracy theory are different, but
there is also something in common, namely, hiding the truth in our society,
which official science, as a servant of the world elite, or
it is silent, or distorts, thus generating incredible

It turns out that for the powerful of this world are more preferable.
all sorts of fantastic nonsense than the true state of affairs. But
This is just one facet of this problem.
and the one that assumes that science simply cannot do much
explain, but to admit it – somehow “shy”. There is,
for sure, and other facets, which is clearly seen on the following
an example.

There is no radiation just because one does not react to it.
only person

American nuclear physicist Galen Winsor (Galen Winsor), almost
devoted all his life to nuclear energy, having retired on
age, suddenly engaged in propaganda itself that neither is
conspiracy theory – about concealment from the world elite
the true effect of radioactive substances on the human body
(see the video below).

According to Winsor’s theory, a supposedly dangerous radioactive uranium, like
waste of nuclear power plants, – all these are tools of the world
conspiracy to prevent people from cheap atomic energy
which would immediately put an end to oil, gas and coal because
A portable atomic generator can be kept in every home, in every
car, even in your pocket (atomic battery).

In his lectures and in his life, Winzor strongly demonstrated
safety of uranium, eating it, laying in the walls of your house and
much more, while living nuclear physicist to 82 years and died,
Of course, not from radiation sickness.

This is how this conspiracy theory of the world was born
conspiracy It seems everything is very convincing: Galen Winsor on himself
demonstrated the harmlessness of uranium and its waste, and the world elite
really not interested in undermining my power, which
It relies on huge hydrocarbon reserves, with which it owns and
thanks to which rules the world.

But вот что настораживает: в данной теории отчего-то, как и в
official science uses the same tool –
default. Because one cannot deny the presence of radiation sickness,
mass accidents from nuclear tests, the consequences of accidents on
Chernobyl NPP and Fukushima-1, not to mention others, more
small atomic tragedies.

Some nonsense turns out: the official science hides what
it is beneficial for her to hide, however, and the conspiracy therapists use the same
by methods. Who knows, maybe Galen Winsor was just unique
a man who was not affected by radiation? Most likely, so
it is, because his experience was never repeated by anyone (at least
at least you won’t find it on the Internet). And those who got
under radiation and really was dying of radiation sickness like
it is said, before the century that had been measured by it, there are hundreds of such examples.

The father of the next conspiracy theory can be

We suggest you look at the conclusion of another video.
The author is trying to put together a few unexplainable
(anomalous) phenomena which, from his point of view, are
they are only because the powers that be are hiding something. Thats
there is practically he offers to think and each of us to produce
even at least one conspiracy theory.

Are there too many of these “reasonable” ones and, one should assume,
most often unreasonable conspiracy fantasies? After all today
even any political silence that is justified only
state secret, is perceived by conspiracy therapists as a world
conspiracy. And then who is in what much, the benefit of the Internet allows
Spread, like an infection, any speculation, wrapping them in beautiful
wrappers of “undeniable” conclusions (as the wise say, logically
you can justify and prove anything) by providing
�”Convincing” photo and video materials, most of which,
according to serious independent researchers, the most
shameless fakie …

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