How the deceased send news to the living

Yale University psychiatrist Bernard Bateman studies
news that the deceased send from their world to their loved ones
people – through the most ordinary, and sometimes mystical

News from the World: Jennifer Hill Stories

In November 1994 a woman named Jennifer Hill died grandfather.
After his funeral, Jennifer escorted her widowed home
grandmother. Near the house they saw a lonely blooming gardenia, and
granddaughter thought that the time for its flowering is very
inappropriate. The grandmother, at the sight of this plant, burst into tears:
gardenia was her favorite flower and the symbol of a forty year old marriage. Her
appearance of a woman considered a message from the departed to another world

In January 2005 Hill is once again faced with amazing
by coincidence. It was an annual day of mourning for a dead daughter.
Jennifer: a woman was woken by a phone call, and although the receiver
she was silent, she clearly felt the presence of her daughter in touch. In that
the very day her sister had a child – a sweet and healthy girl,
very similar to Jennifer’s daughter …

After that, the woman decided to conduct her own investigation and
talked to many people who have recently lost their
close ones. As a result, Hill concluded that such “coincidences”
perceived by living as signals from the other world, which
help them cope with the severity of their loss. It is interesting, however, that
almost all of these stories are amazing, some are just
mystical, and to attribute all this to accidents extremely

… In one terrible car accident, 49 children died, and when in
the time of their burial listed the names of the dead over the heads of the mourners
relatives flew bird flock, recorded by the photographer. On
There were 49 (!) birds in the picture – exactly the number of dead
guys. Relatives said that this fact was for them
a kind of consolation: it seemed that children’s souls flew in
say goodbye to those who loved them in the form of these birds …

Mystical news from the next world

And this is a story about a man who lived near the lake and
thirty years fed ducks swimming there. Before the death, being already
sick and not getting out of bed, he asked his wife to do it instead

When the man died and the funeral procession moved past the lake,
she had to stop. The road was blocked by a solemn
a procession of ducks lined up in rows. It was completely incomprehensible how
the birds managed to overcome the high fence surrounding the lake, since
the gate was locked. Moreover, for several decades
the ducks never left their territory, and the fence turned out to be
intact. It is clear that about any random coincidence here
say no. Wife of the deceased took the procession of birds
as their desire to express their respect for the dead. She let
ducks to the tomb, and they, like people, came and bowed to their
former breadwinner.

The following incident occurred with a woman named Patricia. After
the death of her husband Jim 61-year-old Patricia sold the house in which
the couple were happy for so long and where their son Jacob grew up. When
Patricia last came to the house she had already sold to
say goodbye to him, some bird fluttered into the open doors and
flew straight into Jacob’s room.

After Патрисия написала в соцсети: я убеждена, что это была душа
Jim, who in the nursery felt particularly
happy He played with the son on the floor or read to the kid

According to Bernard Bateman, Patricia correctly interpreted
appearance of a winged visitor. By the way, when a woman ran into
son’s room, there was no bird in it, although the windows were
closed tightly. This case still helps Patricia.
feel that the spouse is somewhere nearby, and this gives her
forces. The woman continues to observe the behavior of birds in various
moments of her life, and her home is decorated with their images …

Similar coincidences are signs, says Dr. Vidette
Todaro-Franceschi from the University of New York, allow people
touch the subtle world of the afterlife and realize that their
deceased loved ones did not disappear without a trace, they are here, near, and even
can give news about themselves. Because of this, separation is no longer
It seems eternal and life without loved ones does not lose all meaning. Deceased
they certainly understand this well and therefore send us their signals:
do not be sad, be happy, we are sure to be with you
let’s meet! ..

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