In 1967, a whole night disappeared in China in one night. village

In 1967, a whole village disappeared in China in one night.A photo from open sources

This happened back in 1967. In just one night the Chinese village with all its inhabitants disappeared from the face land. The missing people had relatives in the nearest villages, who, having come to visit their relatives, did not even find her traces. On the the place where the former village stood was a small depression in land, and without any vegetation …

Excavations carried out at a 3-meter depth have not yielded any results. Geologists concluded that under the village is located karst cavity into which buildings and people fell through. Local the old-timers, in turn, spoke of a curse and punishment for sins.

Today the disappearance of the village could be explained by theories of parallel worlds; ufologists would not stand aside either and stated that the villagers, of course, were stolen by aliens (along with dwellings and all belongings). But at that time, people didn’t hammer their heads with such fabrications, and therefore were satisfied more rational explanation. Or, on the contrary, completely mystical.

The truth about what really happened on that fateful night 1967, the disappeared people took with them …


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