In China, caught a giant mosquito

Chinese entomologist Zhao Li caught a mosquito, wingspan
which is 11 and a half centimeters!

Monstrous insect was quite accidentally discovered
by a specialist during a recent trip to Tsingchengshan Mountain in
Dujiangyan city county. According to the scientist, he was worth a lot
efforts to successfully capture this giant without damaging it, and deliver
to your university.

According to Zhao Lee, science knows rare individuals of mosquitoes with
wingspan to 8 centimeters, but the instance caught
our hero is truly amazing and unique. Despite
the fact that this creature looks scary, fortunately, does not drink
blood, like some of its kindred, preferring nectar instead

Adults live only a few days. The larger
the representative of this species, the harder it is to fly, carrying its
�”Heavy” body. Most often such giant mosquitoes are committed for
movement is something like a long jump. From flower to flower …

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