In China, found the skeleton of a huge dragon?

Since ancient times, China has been associated with dragons, at least legends about
These fire-breathing monsters abound here. Moreover, the Chinese
even believe that they are the ancestors of the extraterrestrial civilization of dragons,
once visited our planet.

Naturally, for this reason, in this area periodically
find traces of dragons, and even see them flying into
the sky. It is very difficult to judge how reliable all this is, because
there are no scientifically confirmed facts. But sometimes it happens very
even interesting finds. And one of them is literally fresh,
even video footage (see below).

This video was recorded allegedly at a distance from
civilized world village Zhangjiakou, which is located in the North
China Here is found the skeleton of a huge dragon – about twenty
meters in length. The skeleton has tiny paws and a huge horned
head A long spine corresponds to the ideas of the Chinese
about these fire-breathing lizards.

Skeptics thought it was a collected skeleton from an antelope’s head.
and the ribs of some animals, say, domestic cows, goats, and so on.
And although it is difficult to imagine that the inhabitants of some lost in the wilderness
villages will be engaged in such a hoax, it is possible that
TV journalists, filmmakers, and then enterprising could do it
Internet users removed all of this, assembled and laid out in
Network (deaf village in this case just tied to the material
for more credibility).

Especially in China, if we turn to similar findings,
almost every fossil skeleton found is immediately called a dragon,
before the analysis is carried out and it turns out in fact that it is
just the remains of a dinosaur representative. For example, in
In 2006, in the province of Chongqing, the PRC even found a new species.
fossil lizards – Mamenchisauridae. However, then at first, immediately
the rumor of a dragon’s skeleton began.

At the beginning of this year, another dinosaur species was found here –
Beibeilong sinensis, named even after the dragon, since it
was found in a fossil huge egg, had wings and “promised” (in
past true) grow into a three-ton oviraptorosaurus flying
just like a mythical fire-breathing lizard.

However, a video about a skeleton found in Zhangjiakou Village
Dragon is gaining popularity on the Internet. Most
viewers, of course, doubt the authenticity of such a bold
statements, but there are those who are sure that dragons
really once existed on Earth, and if so, then their
the remains must remain. Now it’s up to the scientists
if they are interested, of course, this unique find …

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