In heaven, man knows everything

Waking up from a coma, the boy Landon declared that he was on that
light, where he met with the deceased father, his comrade, and even with
their unborn brother and sister. On a surprised exclamation
mother, baby explained it is very simple: in heaven, a person knows

… It happened in 1997 in North Carolina, the Kemp family
(father, mother and their little son) returned on Sunday morning
by car from the church. And then their car gets into a monstrous
car crash. As a result of this accident, Andy’s father died immediately
son Landon was dying (he had to be twice
reanimate), but Julie’s mother got off with minor injuries.

After the boy managed to return to life a second time,
he fell into a coma because his head was damaged
brain. On the return of the baby to a full life of hope was

Heartbroken, poor wife and mother Julie buried her
beloved Andy and began to pray to God for the salvation of his little son,
almost a miracle. And the miracle happened – in a couple of weeks Landon
suddenly woke up from a coma, although the doctors did not even hope for it. More
In addition, his brain was completely healthy – there was no trace of
previous injury, which was recorded in his sick-list.
Doctors, as is customary in such cases, only shrugged
and shrug their shoulders …

But Julie was immensely happy – the heavens returned her son to her.
What was depressing her at that moment was how to tell the boy about death.
father’s But she didn’t have to do this, Landon himself told her about
to everyone, including that during the coma he was in heaven along with
father and his friend, also killed in a car accident.

I met there, mother, still my brother and sister, whom you
failed to give birth, he added.

How so, Julie was surprised, she never told little
son (too early for his age) that before him she had two
miscarriage – stillborn boy and girl. But baby quickly everything
put it in its place.

In heaven, man knows everything, пояснил он, поэтому у меня не
there was no doubt that this is my little sister and little brother, I
just knew it initially. By the way, dad handed you a huge
Hello and request – do not be sad, because we are all together
by all means will meet again.

Landon is now an adult with
his own family and the children he brings up in the love of God and
in the understanding that we are all here on Earth are temporary guests, and
our memory is also temporarily locked so as not to disturb us
pass your life lesson. But in heaven, constantly repeats
he wakes up a man, and the memory of all of him comes back to him
lives. And he practically knows everything about everyone and everything …

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