In Norway, a mermaid was filmed at sea

On the Internet you can find various video collections, for example, with
UFOs and aliens, ghosts or mysterious creatures. One
of such video compilations that appeared the other day on the channel
Strange Videos, independent researchers have paid attention to
plot with a mysterious creature shot in the sea waters of Norway.

Despite the fact that these collections are mostly sinful
fake videos, this is very different from

  • first, the video first surfaced on, and by
    the statement of the journalists, his operator is a resident of Norway,
    who provided material with a signature that he managed to remove
    very “strange fish,” but what it is — it cannot determine. TO
    Unfortunately, neither the authorship nor the specific place of shooting knows
    No one, however, fakes, as a rule, do not “sow” like this in the World
    the web, for this there is an easier way to immediately lay out
    material on one of the video hostes or in some social
    network, of which now a lot;
  • secondly, if you turn to the tails of large fish or dolphins
    and compare them with the tail of the mysterious creature caught in the video
    to the Norwegian operator (see photo below), this is definitely
    something completely different;
  • thirdly, experts say that for fake it is all
    very difficult, because the movement of the tail is clearly alive, sharp,
    swift and harmonious; so will not be able to move the tail layout
    neither man nor servo;
  • Finally, the video is completely unpresentable, fakie so not
    they do, in this case they would certainly show at least one hand,
    the long hair of a mermaid and so on, so that the most
    the last housewife, and here …

It turns out that the simplest explanation is that
Norwegian really managed to shoot a mysterious creature in the sea. BUT
if he has such a mermaid tail, then most likely it is
mermaid. And there is nothing surprising in the old days of these
sea ​​(river, lake) creatures people have seen quite often
pity, our ancestors did not have any cameras then, much less

Why did mermaids stop catching on people?

Now everyone has a mobile phone with a camera in their pocket, however
mermaids for some reason have ceased to be seen by people, and therefore in
lenses of digital devices. TOажется, напрашивается самый
logical conclusion: was there a boy? That is, are all true?
stories about them our grandparents?

BUT может причина совсем в другом, не в том, были или есть русалки
in fact, and how far their underwater civilization had moved away from
our last, say, century? If we assume that such
civilization does exist, it must more and more
more beware of a person with his sharply increased aggression and
downright breathtaking intolerance to everything that is not
fits into the framework of generally accepted ideas about the environment around us
the world.

So we can only read “fairy tales about mermaids” and sometimes with
surprise to watch these videos, of which absolutely not
it is clear whether they really exist or the scientists are right after all
which (we will specify) at the best studied 5 percent of the biological
life of the oceans, and even that – superficially …

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