Incomprehensible creature captured on video

British tabloid “Daily Star” published a curious material,
instantly attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of users of the World
spider webs London journalists report that they fell into their hands
mysterious video taken at the beginning of this month.
Media employees do not know who took it and where, but this, according to their
words are not the most important. It is important that the video is authentic (not montage), but
even more interesting is what is captured on this amazing
video clip.

Mysterious shots demonstrate a strange creature that
Many commentators called “alien” and “alien worm.”
Some web haunters seriously believe that this creature has
extraterrestrial origin. For others, it is about the larva
caddis or some other insect. Still others push
the assumption that the video below represents a mutant or
just not a living organism discovered by scientists.

An incomprehensible creature has actively moving proboscis and tail.
The body of the “alien worm” is large, covered with strange
growths and feathers. The creature does not make any sounds and
relatively slow moving. Someone will say that before
we have some earthworms in a kind of shell. So or
otherwise, the representatives of the “Daily Star” have not yet received any
messages from entomologists explaining what is this mysterious

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