Instant karma: what is it?

As an illustration of instant karma, we turn to one of
The latest news of the Ukrainian media. September 6 on the highway
Kiev-Kovel-Yagodin there was a serious accident, during which
Opel car at high speed flew into the oncoming lane
(the driver allegedly lost control of the car in the wet
asphalt) and crashed into a timber truck.

At the same time, the truck driver did not suffer at all, but that’s all
who was in the car, died, including a political scientist and a lawyer
VO “Freedom” Alexei Kurennoy, which recently
became famous for publicly gloating over the death in
a similar car accident deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Irina
Careful. This, they say, psychics, sorcerers, magicians, visionaries is
– instant karma, which in our time is becoming increasingly

The fact is that karma, as a reward for our sins (cruel and
immoral acts) on Earth, according to the theory of reincarnation, in which
today only unclean politicians and businessmen do not believe
(thereby making excuses to his conscience for all his
sins before others)
next human lives. But our world is changing rapidly, and this
already not only spiritual people notice, but even simple

Today, videos about instant karma on the Internet are not
less than materials about UFOs. We invite you to see one of
instant karma selections. Unfortunately, as with the UFO video,
all materials are of high quality, both in technical and in terms of
selection (author’s flaw). However, even this evidence
Prove that in our time for their sins you can get a hat
from the highest forces instantly …

The average man, as always, has a major question about this.
why: most great scoundrels of our time, for example,
George Soros and his fellow American instigators of war and color
revolutions remain unpunished? Unfortunately, this eternal
question no answer. Christians would say that all the will of God and
we cannot know it, or even understand it. Perhaps today is the best
the answer, since the seemingly injustice of the Most High is that people
have been complaining from time immemorial, but this grumbling does not make ours
society is better, fairer, happier …

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