Ladies in green attire

Dark traditions about women in green clothes are available in
folklore of any nation. It is believed that these ladies drink human
blood, kidnap babies and treacherously seduce gullible men.
According to eyewitnesses, these sinister beings continue today
lure people into their cunning traps …

Apartment with a “green woman”

This story took place in Krasnoyarsk about ten years ago.
Having settled in for a prestigious job, a young girl left from
parents and rented accommodation in the city center. She got chic
option: a decently furnished apartment in the “stalinka” for truly
funny money. But soon the tenant found out what
the secret of such an unheard of generosity of the hosts.

Staying alone in the apartment, the girl constantly felt someone’s
invisible presence. Finally one evening she saw in the corner
room unfamiliar woman in a green dress to the floor. It was obvious,
that this lady is trying to leave the corner, but some force holds

Then the stranger began to silently call the girl signs. Ta
at first I could not believe my eyes, but then I decided
get close to the lady. It barely happened, the woman’s neck is unnatural
stretched out and the face became very similar to the mug
disgusting monster.

Horrified, the girl bounced off a terrible creature and, hastily
gathered, went to sleep with her friend. However, tomorrow,
returning home, she saw a “green woman” in the same corner.

For a while, the girl wandered through friends and acquaintances, spent the night
parents but did not dare to tell anyone about their otherworldly
Neighbor – was afraid that they would not believe. And no wonder it cost her
to come home with her fiance or friend, the “green lady” did not appear.
And when the guests left, she immediately appeared on her usual

Finally, the girl could not stand it and moved out of a cheap apartment,
preferring more expensive but safe housing.

Perfume green oak woods

The French still believe today that “women in green” are perfumes
sacred oak woods, in which ancient druids performed rituals. And
these mysterious creatures still remain in the trunks of the age-old
oak trees. It is believed that if people are on Celtic holidays
weave wreaths of mistletoe or honeysuckle and decorate with them the sacred
trees, spirits send them a rich harvest and a great offspring

However, if someone insulted the sacred tree thoughtlessly, it is in vain
break off its branches or (God forbid) cut it in vain, “green
the lady, angry, can kill all the children in the village …

In Scotland, these women were considered to be forest fairies who abduct
children Some still believe that at night they can
sneak into the house where there is a newborn, and pick him up, and in return
leave your child – wrinkled and scary.

This freak has a very bad temper: he plagues “parents”
a heart-rending cry and requires food all the time, while not eating
milk, and “adult” food. According to legend, from the foundling can
get rid of. To do this, treat him badly – in this
case, the forest fairy will take her child back, and the stolen baby
will return to parents.

There is another possibility to make the fairy pick a flashy
gluttony – make this freak laugh or force him to call him by cunning
real age

Other legends say that the “green ladies” did not steal children, but
rubbed with human blood. Soon after, the little ones fell ill
incurable ills and died.

Night green cannibals

However, “women in green” are engaged not only in kidnapping.
Thanks to the famous British preacher and fighter against the unclean
By virtue of Jerome Bruce, we learned an interesting story about
meeting with them, which occurred in the first half of the XVII century.
The future pastor, and at that time a still very young guy, went
on the hunt with friends.

In pursuit of a deer, the young men were pretty late and had to
spend the night in the woods. They laid a bonfire in a cave – and here “at the light” to
He came three beautiful girls in green long dresses. Jerome
for some reason they seemed strange, but his friends are very
rejoiced in such a pleasant society.

When dinner was over, one of the girls pulled out of the folds of clothes
she asked the violin if they wanted to dance. Those willingly
agreed However, when beautiful strangers began to dance,
Jerome heard incomprehensible clicking sounds. Peering, he with
in amazement he saw that the long hems of the girls covered them
small hooves. The legs themselves were overgrown with reddish

Horrified by his discovery, Jerome tried to lead him away from the cave.
friends, but they, intoxicated by the beauty of the girls, did not respond to his
calls and even threatened with cuffs so as not to interfere.

Coming out of the grotto, Jerome saw that their horses were shaking from the strong
of fear. The future preacher remembered the legend that
evil is afraid of horses, and decided to hide under the protection of these
animals. Soon he heard his cries coming from the grotto
friends and a terrible growl, but did not move, knowing that his
unfortunate comrades have nothing to help.

All night Jerome prayed in fear that the horses would tear the reins and
will ride into the forest, leaving him unprotected. Till dawn the young man
heard someone wandering around on soft paws around a call of mouth and calling
His name, however, did not interrupt his prayers.

When the sun finally rose, Jerome, overcoming fear, went into
grotto and dumbfounded from what he saw. The floor and walls of the cave were flooded and
spattered with blood, everywhere lay pieces of torn human
tel …

This monstrous tragedy completely changed the life of a carefree
before young men. Returning home, Jerome vowed to devote
fight against evil spirits all the remaining years. Afterwards he
really spent a lot of lawsuits, after which on
dozens of witches and sorcerers were sent to the fire. However find
the girls in green who killed his friends, the preacher never
managed It is likely that in his zeal he condemned to death
innocent people, and forest spirits at this time laughed at his
naivety …

Taк кто же они — женщины в зеленом одеянии?

Esoteric studies of ancient myths believe that “women in
green ”- very unusual representatives of otherworldly forces:
these are the goddess of trees without their shelter. Remember
the ancient Greeks worshiped dryads – forest nymphs from the sacred
groves …

During the Christianization of the protected trees mercilessly cut down,
to eradicate pagan beliefs. Since then the destitute
deities take revenge on people as they can.

It is quite possible that the Krasnoyarsk story took place along the same lines.
the reason. Taм, где теперь стоит дом, в котором незадачливая девушка
rented cheap housing, once the sacred tree grew, the mistress
which remained without shelter. And judging by the fact that the apartment
surrendered at a low price, the forest spirit frightened and survived more than one
the tenant …

Esoteric say that a meeting with the “green ladies” is not terrible
to those who plant trees, care for them and know how to talk to
these mighty giants. The same who for fun breaks the branches and
ruining saplings, do not avoid the revenge of dryads.

And it is not by chance that there is a good faith that lush green
near residential buildings not only cleans the air, but also saves people from
all kinds of misfortunes, brings wealth, well-being and
good health It is this great mercy that can bestow upon all.
we have a “green lady” who has found a long-awaited refuge.

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