�”Life” after the death of Princess Diana

It has been 20 years since a car accident ended life
Princess Diana of Wales, the fate of which for some reason still
excites many inhabitants of the Earth. Maybe this is not by chance?

Where does Diana’s dust really lie?

Suffice it to say that to the place of the supposed rest of Diana,
that is, to the fence of the Kensington Palace in London, come thousands
her fans, bringing “folk princess” flowers, portraits, candles,
toys, reading poetry and even dedicating songs to her. However, her ashes
resting in another place, quiet and secluded – in her estate
Althorp’s parents, in the tomb on the island of Northamptonshire, that
stands in the middle of a huge pond. True for fans in the manor
built a special memorial “Diana” – a beautiful architectural
buildings in the style of classicism. The entrance here is far from free …

On the eve of this anniversary of the death of Diana in the UK
a small scandal broke out because of the accusation against his brother
princess of wales harry spencer who owns today
the estate that he does not follow the grave of his sister on the island
Northamptonshire. Spencer urgently took up the restaurant tombs,
However, as the media wrote, when the grave was opened, the bodies of Diane there were not
discovered As it turned out, the remains of the princess were reburied in
the ancient crypt of the church of St. Mary – in the same place the ashes of her father.
Dunnnye not officially confirmed, but it all looks like
the truth, especially considering that brother cared so badly about the grave
sisters Do not overlook the fact that even this
lonely tomb four times tried to rob. Of course,
most likely, not for the sake of some values, but, say, to
take a picture of the remains of the “folk princess” and sell it later
tabloid snapshots. But that is enough to put Diana’s ashes in
more secure place …

Where does the spirit of Diana actually live?

Famous Japanese psychic Riiho Okawa, leader of the religious
of the Land of the Rising Sun “Lucky Science”, for the anniversary
death of the popularly beloved Diana published a very interesting
interview – with the spirit of the Princess of Wales. The newspaper “Mirror” published
excerpts from this bulk material, which is more like
noticed the journalists of the publication, on the questionnaire, than to talk.

In short, the essence of this interview, the spirit of Diana
sympathizes with her current daughter-in-law Kate Middleton. However until now
has never been able to forgive her ex-husband, Prince Charles, not even
for treason, but for the fact that in life she was for him only
accessory, like, say, an expensive and beautiful costume, capable
surprise others and make them jealous.

She is not sure that she was killed without fail, but she feels in that
tragedy is an evil intention that led to a car crash and
the death of her body. About Queen Elizabeth II the spirit of Diana told that she
good mother, but most likely will be the last representative
royal power in England … dramatic changes are being planned,
that will most likely happen before prince charles ascends
to the throne …

And finally, the most important question is Riiho Okava, who
interested fans and fans of the “folk princess”, where now
is the spirit of Diana, she replied that, of course, not in the grave,
where her body lies. But she herself does not know where her soul is hovering, but
therefore, unable to tell the living to the world.

It’s hard to say how real this conversation is, how simple it is.
invented, however, a full posthumous interview with Diana psychic
Riiho Okava, allegedly, is sold (not tested) on Amazon.com, and
not offered cheap – almost 10 dollars. And while good
buying up …

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