�”Moses miracle” of Chindo Island

Twice a year near the South Korean island of Chindo can be observed
a unique phenomenon of nature, reminiscent of the Old Testament story of
how the waters made way for Moses and the children of Israel.
At one o’clock, the Yellow Sea between the islands of Chindo and Modo makes way,
opening the road with a length of 2.8 kilometers and a width of 40-60 meters. it
takes place on the last day of February, and also in the middle of June.

Wonders of our world

According to scientists, the “separation of the sea” is due to the difference in ebbs
and tides, and its peak time depends on the cycles of the moon.
No wonder that many tourists flock to the Republic
Korea to see with my own eyes this miracle. During the hour
tourists and locals walk on the bare land, collecting on
�”Moses way” various seafood delicacies.

And it does not matter if people are carried away, gape and do not have time
to get to land by the time of the “return of the sea”: numerous
the boats will help them and, without interference, deliver them to the shore …

The phenomenon of the parting sea gained worldwide fame after
of how Pierre Landy, the French ambassador to Korea, in 1975. visited
Chindo Island and wrote in the French edition about the amazing
natural phenomenon.

Chindo Island Legend

Along with the scientific explanation of the phenomenon, there is an ancient
Korean legend about why the waters of the Yellow Sea parted
first. In the old days, a certain Sona Don Jina was convicted and
sent into exile on Jeju Island. There was a storm on the way, and
Sona’s ship crashed.

However, he himself, his family and the crew of the ship survived, having managed to swim
to Chindo Island – the nearest from the crash site. Settlement where
forced people turned out to be called Hvedon, which means
�”Village of tigers”, because there really were numerous
striped predators.

On the island, the descendants of Sona Don Jina lived more than two hundred years,
regularly attacked by tigers. In the end they decided
move to the neighboring island of Modho Cindo. It happened that when
relocated one old woman forgotten in Hvedon and she stayed in
alone, begged the sea dragon to help her
reunite with family. The dragon was unhappy and told her
come to the seashore …

And the sea waters parted, revealing to the woman
amazing way! .. She happily hurried to the neighboring island,
however, she suddenly lost her strength and, falling short of her goal, fell. Luckily,
relatives rushed to meet her and, lifting the old woman “from the bottom
of the sea, “took her to Modo Island. Before his death, the woman is hot
thanked the sea dragon for the miracle that allowed her
reunite with family.

Since then, a ceremony has been held annually on Chindo Island.
the memory of this astounding event. In the place of transition of the old woman
an interesting monument is set across the sea.

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