Mosquitoes prefer “tasty” people

A joint group of German and American scientists has opened a set of
human genes, which is responsible for the “taste” for the blood-sucking. By
Therefore, mosquitoes always know exactly which person is more suitable for them.
is preferred.

Not by chance in life, for example, spouses with surprise
discover that mosquitoes bite at night only a woman (or man),
although the couple sleeps in the same bed. At the same time, the researchers found out not
Only this interesting feature of the “relationship” of a person with
mosquitoes, but also the fact that such an “attraction” for insects
inherited – from parents to children, that is, more than
60 percent depends on gene factors.

According to the publication RIA Novosti, this study will allow
scientists have a more differentiated approach to the development of repellents from
mosquitoes and their bites.

On the other hand, such discoveries extend our understanding of
the world around us, proving, for example, that insects are not such
primitive creatures, even mosquitoes, not to mention bees,
ants that have a wonderful collective mind.

As people say, for example, for a long time living in houses with
bugs, even these primitive bloodsucking sometimes just amazed
their rational behavior. So, homebugs for some reason
arrange only periodic attacks on the owners, for example, once in
month, on the other days you can sleep peacefully. But it is in the house
spend the night as a guest, as he is provided with a terrible night: bedbugs
pounce on a new victim and work all night, as they say,
according to the full program.

By the way, in Soviet hostels, students sometimes tried to fight
with bedbugs, setting, say, an iron bed in the middle
Room legs in banks with water. It would seem that the path to the victim
bloodsuckers was cut off. It was not there, the bugs in a chain were sent
along the wall, then the ceiling to the place where the bed was, and then
fell on a sleeper and began his feast to the greatest surprise
the person who woke up turned on the light, realizing how bedbugs
put a finger around him, and with astonishment scratched “turnips” – ah yes
insects, and cunning ones …

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