Mysterious cellar of Nikolai Ivanovich

This story was told to me by a friend on the landing,
let’s say his name is Alexey, because to call the true names and
the location of the event in this case is somehow inconvenient. In any case, not this
the main thing, and the most amazing event that happened to a man,
proving that our world is somewhat different than we are about it
we think. And there are truly inexplicable miracles in this world. However,
let’s better listen to Alexei himself, that’s what he

�“There was a period in my life when I had to live for two years
cottage. And then my neighbor was a middle-aged, but still strong man by
behalf of Nikolai Ivanovich.

In the estate Ivanovich was a good cellar under the pitched roof.
However, due to the fact that our plots were located in Nizinka,
the neighboring basement in the spring was constantly flooded with water. Level her like
usually did not exceed half a meter. With this in mind, Ivanovich built this
shelves so that water does not reach them. In addition, above the zone
underflooding he installed two rods of thick armature and over them,
as if on rails, went for vegetables. It was more convenient than any
just dressing forks. In the summer of Ivanovich pumped water, and until the next
the spring in his cellar was dry.

But in that ill-starred year, torrential rains went in August and not
stopped a few days. As a result, the basement of the neighbor again
filled with water. Ivanovich saw it when it got to hide under the ground
harvested potatoes on a rare fine day. Here is what I learned from
him then …

… In the cellar of Nikolai Ivanovich was dark, because the light bulb
burned out the day before, but he did not have time to buy a new one. But he had
flashlight, worn on the head. Wearing it, Ivanovich climbed with a bag
potatoes in the pit and found that the rainwater ran over the very
his “rails”. Under the weight of a man, the armature sagged and he scooped
galoshes water.

That’s all, thought my neighbor, now I’ll throw the potatoes, and tomorrow
I pump out the water and replace the light bulb at the same time.

And then one leg slid off his “rail” – and Ivanovich
flopped into the water. He, of course, dropped the potato, but he managed
grab the shelf and literally hang on it. And when he started
pull his legs out of the water, felt that for one of his someone
holds Or she landed in some kind of “trap”. The man pulled his leg
stronger – seizure, respectively, increased. Then this “trap” and
did begin to suck up her foot hard, like a pipe. From
fear Ivanovich screamed and so desperately huddled that he managed to escape.
From the cellar, he flew like a cork, and his overshoes got this
�”Something” who sat in the water. The last thing my neighbor heard in
the dungeon is a strange squalling sound as if someone was beating
palms on the surface of the water. Closing the hatch, Ivanovich crushed him.
alternate sacks of potatoes and ran into the house.

A few days after that, he was afraid to even go to the basement. BUT
then told me what happened and asked to go there with him
together. Fromкрыв люк, мы посветили фонариком в погреб. Water there already
there was no, but the dampness remained. I went down first and replaced
light bulb, only after this Ivanovich followed me.

We did not find a bag of potatoes that fell into the water, nor did we find a galosh.
It was not in the cellar and nothing resembling a suction pipe,
which seemed to Ivanovich. All this, coupled with the implausible
the story of my neighbor made me strongly doubt
truthfulness of his words.

A couple of days later, in the evening, Nikolai’s wife called me
Ivanovich. She said that in the morning she asked him to go down to the cellar, and
after that the husband disappeared. The woman herself was ill, with difficulty
moved on crutches, almost never left the house. Of course
I hurried to the precinct to the neighbors.

Going under the pitched canopy, I saw that the cellar was open. Called
Ivanovich – silence. However, нет, не совсем тишина: я ясно услышал,
how near is water splashing.

Is it again? But from where? ”I thought, and I flicked a switch.
The light bulb in the cellar did not catch fire. – And when she had time
burn out? ..

Fromыскав фонарь соседа, я посветил вниз. Indeed, water, and
many: Ivanich’s “rails” completely disappeared under it. But the most
the striking thing was that the water was splashing like her
drove the wind … or worried about something from the inside. I remembered the story
his neighbor and felt the real horror. Slamming the hatch, rushed in

When Ivanovich’s wife found out about everything, she immediately called the police
(then it was still the police). However, law enforcement officers
arrived just the next morning. I brought them to the cellar, they opened
hatch, turned on the light (!) and saw the most ordinary, dry basement.
No trace of water. On the shelves – neatly folded vegetables. Nikolay
Ivanovich in the cellar was not there. He was never found anywhere: was
man – and gone.

… A week later, I left for the city and immediately began to look for
its giving buyers. To live on it after the story with Ivanovich became
impossible for me … “

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