Mysterious phenomena occurring in a dream

Who among us does not wish for himself and his loved ones sound sleep and sweet
dreams, but in reality we are all during such
unconscious rest (conscious dreams in this case
We will not consider) we face many unpleasant,
some mystical manifestations that explain modern
science just can’t do it. We will not argue that any
the mysterious manifestation of sleep given in this article is experiencing
only each person, however …

Paralysis in sleep

The person allegedly wakes up and cannot move, as they say,
neither hand nor foot, even a finger. To this terrible state to
the feeling of being present is added to the same (by all means
scary) in the bedroom. The ancients were convinced that at such a moment in
man’s sleep includes evil spirits.

Each of us is practically motionless during sleep, but paralysis during
a dream is completely different: in this case, the muscles of the body are constrained, and
consciousness suddenly begins to be awake, such a state at least once
approximately 7 percent of the inhabitants of the earth experience life, and
as practice shows, mostly people who like to sleep on

Sleep and manifestation of hypnagogic hallucinations

Scientists explain this by the fact that the brain is on the verge of sleep and wakefulness
a healthy person can experience visions that are usually
crazy, so-called hypnagogic hallucinations see.
but независимые исследователи утверждают, что и шизофреники, и
healthy people at the time of falling asleep just break through consciousness in
parallel worlds that can be quite terrible. Indirectly this
confirmed by the fact that such “hallucinations” are the most
often see children whose consciousness is still so plastic that
early infancy, for example, they do not distinguish the lines between sleep and
reality, obviously, are mixed in here and all other travels
parallel worlds.

Talk during sleep

Many people talk in a dream (the phenomenon of somnilquia), however
the sleeper himself never knows about it. From a psychological point of view
there is nothing paranormal about it, but a person with such a “sleepy”
pathology “risks telling strangers to strangers
secrets Most often in a dream, children and men are talking. Why is that
happens – no one knows …

Dream in another dream

But this very sleepy manifestation is experienced by many. Person
wakes up, starts to do something, then suddenly realizes that he
continues to sleep. He again tries to wake up and so can
occur several times before the lucky one wakes up

Why – lucky? The fact is that a person like
claim esotericism, ready for spiritual practices. Therefore, if with
you happen to like this, then by all means go to the store or
Internet for the literature of spiritual content, and the mentor, as
they say wise, you will find yourself later …

Sleep and sleepwalking

If during sleep paralysis the body is asleep and the mind is awake, then
with sleepwalking, the exact opposite happens: consciousness sleeps,
and the body begins to wander, to do something. Believed to be very
a dangerous condition for humans, but still not clear
why in this case the lunatic begins to possess some
supernatural abilities. For example, he can walk easily
along the narrow eaves of a high-rise building and do not fall, jump
huge pits or even a river, like so much else, is completely
unusual for the average person. And all this with closed
eyes! Only, God forbid, wake him up at this time …

It is believed that most children suffer from sleepwalking, and are prone to
he is not more than 5 percent of people. Heal from sleepwalking, like,
however, and from all the other mysterious
manifestations of sleep, man can not. At the very least, it is still none of
doctors could not, but the sorcerers, magicians and shamans – is another matter
why, in all this, the sophisticated “mystical

Sleep apnea

In a dream, a person sometimes stops breathing, which is why he is here
it is awakening. Doctors sleep apnea is explained by obesity, smoking,
old age and many other reasons, but to cure this unpleasant
a state bordering on death cannot. By the way если человек
died in a dream, it is often thought that this comes from the fact that
he was unable to wake up …

Recurring dreams

Recurring dreams видят многие люди, особенно дети и молодые
people. Psychologists advise in this case to disassemble such a dream as
says, on the shelves and try to identify the problem to which
he is pointing. By eliminating this problem in real life, you
free yourself from repetitive dreams. For example, men who have passed
military service, it is often a dream that they are again taken to
service. In the subconscious remained fear of her. Approximately the same
dream painting, when you endlessly take exams,
give birth, look for something and so on.

Fall in a dream

Another unpleasant state of sleep is a fall from a great height. AT
this time literally stops the heart, and if not
Awakening … Wow! but обратите внимание, что a man in a dream like
would try to avoid falling, and it seems that some force is dragging him to
the abyss, the edge of the bridge, the eaves, and so on. Why so
is something happening? ..

Outside the body

In a dream (even half awake) you can see your body as if with
parties. For mystics, it is a confirmation of the existence of the soul,
which approximately also leaves our mortal body after
death (example of clinical death). Scientists, too, are trying it all.
somehow explain, but it turns out they have it very poor and
unconvincing, I must say. Unpersuasive, probably because
Our gene memory already has experience of death and rebirth, therefore
all the abstruse arguments of scientists seem ridiculous to us …

Creative enlightenment in a dream

People who are engaged in creativity, often discoveries (as
Mendeleev his famous table), poems, music, some ideas
come in a dream. Scientists are again trying to explain this.
rationally, they say, in the human subconscious mind the answer is already there, but in
in a state of wakefulness, he cannot “pull out” this answer.
from there. However, in this case it is necessary to recognize the fact of existence
subconscious and yet define, and what is it? After all, unequivocal
There is still no answer to this question, and therefore such insights in
sleep time remains a mystery for seven seals …


However, the presence of mysterious, directly mystical states in
sleep time that we covered in this article and which left
beyond its limits – it’s all just great! Thanks to them even
the most ordinary person has an amazing, downright fabulous
a world in which he spends a third of his life. In this world like us
we can judge even by this modest article, there are small ones
riddles, mysteries and even something else – subtly mystical. but
for this “something” you need to make some efforts, which
will lead you to lucid dreams – the phenomenon is not easy
interesting and inexplicable, but simply fantastic. By the way
the manifestation of “sleep in a dream” allows a person even for a moment yes
to feel what it is – lucid dreams …

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