Mystical Photograph

No wonder they say that mirrors and photographs have mystical
properties, because they store the energy of the person who looked at
reflective glass or camera lens. No wonder wise people
advise: be afraid to be photographed.

By the way, the photo saves all the information about the person
imprinted on it, but because sorcerers and magicians can easily
determine by photo whether a person is alive or not, and the strongest
of them – even when and how a person died, for example, who killed him and
where is still not found the body of the missing. But sometimes
such pictures become themselves connecting threads with the next world.
Here is one of the many examples of this.

A resident of Kemerovo, Olga Demchuk, being a student, met
with a young man named Igor. She had a strange for young
and a beautiful devil girl: Olga did not like to be photographed. Well,
She did not love at all, it was not even clear why. Because of this, Igor
constantly offended and complained that they did not have a single joint
snapshot. Finally, Olya gave up and agreed to the one and only
group photo. The resulting photo, which she absolutely did not
I liked it, she gave it to Igor and immediately forgot about it. And after two
Month of the guy died in a car accident.

Olya could not recover for a long time, but the days passed and
grief gradually receded, dissolved, dissipated in the stream
Everyday life. Deep sadness receded, only remained
kind and light memories of their short-lived happiness …

Once, sitting at home, Olya took out old photo albums and began
view images taken still “soap.” Suddenly
the girl saw the very photo in which she was with Igor and
which immediately gave him! But how could it be in their
family archive if the guy was never in her house and could not
return the picture even in secret? .. And why would he begin to do it?

However, the photo once again reminded of the deceased Igor, yes so
painful that girl almost cried. So without understanding how
this picture turned out to be here, Olya decided to hide it away in order to
once again not to reopen the old spiritual wound …

Mystical photo starts to chase the girl

A few days later, after returning from the institute, the girl found
my mother all with the same mystical photograph in hand. Woman
explained that she found a picture under the table, and here Olga became
really uncomfortable. She said something to her mother, answered
some questions, and she thought: how and why is this photo persistently
arises in her, Olin, life? She immediately remembered that she
For some reason she stubbornly refused to act with Igor, although now, when
he was gone in her life, she lost this fear of fear
camera …

This time, Olya decided to play it safe. Taking a snapshot of a girl
bent over a mysterious picture so that it was on one side
she, and on the other – Igor. Then the girl put the photo in a small
the pocket of her old bag, fastened both zips on it and put it in
bag in the farthest corner of the pantry …

… That significant morning the doorbell rang when Olga sat
above the outline. It turned out that their neighbor brought a registered letter
for Olin parents. Thanking her, the girl returned to the table and
I saw some piece of paper on my notebook. Trembling hands
Olga turned it over: it was half a mystical photo with
her own image …

Olga opened the pantry, pulled out an old bag and several times
searched it, but never found the other half of the picture, with which
More recently, Igor looked alive and happy at her …

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