Named the most dishonest profession -politician

Statista UK Bureau of Statistics held
sociological survey among the population of the country to determine how
occupations of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion trust more and which
less. The profession was the most dishonest in the eyes of the British

Most surprisingly, the forecaster profession gained 76 percent
trust, although the greatest amount of ridicule and anecdotes in England
has always been towards this service which is figuratively
many journalists and even writers almost always “hit the finger
into the sky”. А вот politicianи Британии набрали лишь 17 процентов доверия
from their citizens. Not far from them, journalists and bankers
(see photo graph).

The most trusted in the United Kingdom are
nurses (first place) and doctors (second place), and then go
teachers, scientists, and so on down. Unfortunately, the British
extras covered not all professions, for example, in their list
There are no builders, whom the Russian humorist Mikhail Zadornov put
из-за их бессовестности на один уровень с politicianами, а то и ниже.
There are no lawyers who Zadornov considered great.
by cheaters, especially in the USA (country of lawyers).

But maybe in other countries, including here in Russia, these numbers
would be drastically different? Look at the schedule and answer this
question yourself. Many Internet users, both foreign and
Russian-speaking (Runet), came to the conclusion that in their countries
statistics would be about the same as in the UK.
По крайней мере, politicianов, журналистов и банкиров все юзеры (без
exceptions) are unequivocally named among the most dishonest professions
of the world.

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