Near Magadan there is an island of misunderstanding

Near Magadan, just 20 kilometers from the city, in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk
is amazing in all respects, including
his name – an island of misunderstanding. Although the natives are called
his Delan, which in translation from the local dialect means –
�”stone”. And this is no accident: the mountainous terrain of the island and
asks to be called stone.

A joking name of the island was because the first Russian
hydrographic expedition in 1910 for some reason did not notice that
It is an island, mapping it as part of land. Already significant
later geographer BV Davydov, describing the coast of Magadan,
corrected the error, but the island got its name from his light hand –

Delan Island – a small, only four and a half square
kilometers, and most of it is a mound, is also very
remarkable – with a truncated top. Larch grows here
and stone birch, many northern berries such as siksha, lingonberries and
blueberry. The coastal waters of the island are rich in sea urchin.

Fantastically beautiful southern part of the island of misunderstanding,
Since high kekurs (pillar-like stone formations) are the most
bizarre forms create truly fabulous paintings, while he himself
the shore ends in a sea of ​​inaccessible sheer cliffs. it
an ideal place for birds – axes and sea gulls. However and
bald eagle gladly nests here – at the highest
rocky ledges.

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