“Quantorians” appeared in Altai

Who are the Quantorians that the press has started talking about in Altai?
It turns out that gifted children call themselves (or rather, their
adults were named) who opened here the technology center “Kvantorium.22”.
Moreover, now journalists called them even a new tribe.

As the Governor of the region Alexander Karlin notes in his blog,
gifted children – this is the most valuable thing in any state, and
because such talents need to grow in special “greenhouse” conditions,
in order to let their full abilities unfold.

It should be noted that Altai was among the first in Russia to join in
implementation of a long-term federal program for additional
child development. Construction and equipment of the unique
Center-Technopark “Kvantorium.22” – one of the real steps to
implementation of the new format of additional education for
the younger generation.

And, as the governor notes, these are not only progressive
techniques that are used here, as they say, of course, but
and access to all sorts of advanced technology used
now at modern enterprises of Altai and the Russian Federation as a whole.

Huge possibilities of the technocenter multiplied by outstanding
Quantorian abilities now produce astounding results,
It is not by chance that these gifted children are constant winners of all kinds
competitions and competitions, not only in Altai but in scale
nationwide events of this kind.

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