Russian captured in the forest “evil gnome”

Russian tourist, traveling through the forests of our immense
according to him, he became a witness to the unusual and
frightening phenomenon. Who wished to remain anonymous man
claims that this happened at the beginning of this month. Traveler
walked by nature and filmed the surrounding beauty on camera
mobile phone.

At a certain point something got into the lens of a smartphone.
unexpected and strange. Because of the butt of a nearby tree
head of a small creature with brown skin and white eyes.
Mysterious creature just a few seconds captured on video
after which our compatriot reasonably ran away from there.

The man claims that he never met before
similar, although traveling through Russian forests is already more
half life Our hero, they say, was scared not even specifically
creation, and the thought that there might be such creatures nearby
a lot, and they are all attuned to people, and therefore to him,

Amazing movie circled many Russian, and then
foreign sites dedicated to cryptozoology and supernatural
phenomena. Netizens believe that it really could
be a mythical creature like an evil gnome, accustomed to hiding from
man, but this time showing negligence. Such cases –
a rather frequent occurrence for these small and mysterious creatures,
that’s just to take them to the camera – great luck in this case, even
when you consider that the video turned out to be of poor quality …

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