Secrets of the deep sea

The secrets that the ocean keeps in its depths are unlikely
someday will be solved by us to the end. Throughout its history
mankind was able to explore only 5 percent of the deep sea,
therefore, it is not surprising that at the bottom of gloomy depressions and in the dips
dark caves hiding not seen before amazing creatures and
sleep eternal sleep sunken ancient cities …

The sea returns drowned

A few years ago, the inhabitants of the Norman island of Guernsey
survived the real horror: for three days in a row the ocean put it ashore
drowned, and the “fresh”. More than forty dead were found
bodies, but the police are not able to explain where they came from,
since neither shipwrecks nor storms in the area at that time
did not happen. Further investigations involving
Interpol, did not give anything, the identification of the dead
fingerprints as well.

Locals have their own, mostly mystical,
version. So, independent researchers believe that the ocean is more likely
all, “gathered” corpses from different layers of the time or from
parallel worlds. However, in this case it remains a mystery why
the ocean did it and why he chose an island for his purpose
Guernsey …

Unidentified object at the bottom of the sea

A strange and very mysterious construction
Baltic Sea Day team of Swedish divers. Later group
Ocean X Team even managed to shoot the object on video, to make at least
some measurements, but at the same time experienced experts could not
establish what it is. The design resembles either
the wreck of the alien mind, or some ancient
the altar, and next to it fails any equipment, even goes out

Analysis of samples of the material from which the object was made showed
that he is of extraterrestrial origin. Swedish divers plan
return to their unique discovery and still wonder:
why, besides them, does she care about anyone? Moreover,
Orthodox scholars declare that this is just a stone formation
preglacial period, not even bothering to go down under the water and
explore this “education” …

Lost Underwater City

Not far from the coast of India, archaeologists have recently discovered
the remains of the ancient city. Well, and what is surprising, ask
you. And the fact that experts estimate the age of those urban buildings
at 9,500 – 10,000 years, which means that our civilization is much
older than is commonly believed.

Imagine how many interesting things can tell people such
underwater ruins ?! Yes, but the trouble is that we are not on the ground
ignoring the generally accepted history, and even destroy it.
Why do we still have underwater artifacts and even entire cities? therefore
Orthodox science is not only in no hurry to investigate the remnants
ancient settlement, but in every way hinders its study …

Voice of the deep

In 1997 NOAA hydrophones (National Oceanic Administration
US Studies) registered the sound, which received the name
Bloop. Such a loud and unusual “voice of the depths” sea researchers
never heard of: it turns out, in nature (in their opinion)
there are simply no marine animals capable of so much and terribly
shout. Or do they still exist? This question is very concerned
independent researchers who fully admit that
Into the depths of the ocean, animals unknown to us may even

How do they manage not to fall into people’s eyes? First of all,
The ocean is huge: even in area it is several times larger
sushi, not to mention its depth, which makes this world truly
immense. Secondly, some researchers believe
The ocean is connected to deep water
�“Reservoirs” of the planet, which can be many times greater than its
volume. In this case, the water element can hide in itself any
imaginable and unthinkable life forms …

It is not by chance that there is even the opinion that we have studied space much
better than the depths of the ocean. And although in this statement there is an explicit
exaggeration, it accurately conveys the main thing – the water element of the Earth,
which we have almost at hand, we somehow can not
to study, in spite of all the attempts, starting from deep antiquity and to
of our days. Maybe people interfere with this? For example, residents
the underwater world is not particularly willing to make contact with us and so
more to discover the secrets of the sea …

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