Sequoias live almost forever

The tallest and most long-lived trees of our planet (their
The age reaches 4 thousand years and more) are Sequoias North

Giant redwoods at first seemed like an invention of pioneers
Of america

Americans discovered them only in the nineteenth century, and
pioneers for a long time did not believe. So, in 1833 somebody
surnames Leonard, traveling through the mountains of Sierra Nevada, found a grove
100-meter-long trees, about which he wrote a book. His creation no one
not interested, readers found all of the fiction
the author.

Twenty years later, crowds rushed into these parts.
gold miners. One of them, someone Daud, chasing the wounded
grizzly bear, bumped into a solid wall of trees. It was
a giant wooden fortress that nature has grown.
When he returned, the hunter told the others about his amazing
find No wonder his comrades made fun of him.

And then Daud decided to cheat and said that the grizzly fell
sizes with the whole house. Here, everyone rushed into the forest, where they saw
a grove of redwood Numb in amazement, people stood in front of the green
the giants and themselves seemed like ants. Soon the whole of America
believed in the existence of supergiant trees, and all rushed
on their search.

Americans mock at sequoias

A total of 72 groves were found, each tree in which acquired
own name, for example, Old Bachelor, Miner Hut, Three
Sisters … And a fallen sequoia with a hollow, which could freely enter
rider, received the name of “riding school.” There is also
a tree named after writer Mark Twain.

Deft dealers bought unique groves and began to let there
tourists for money. And the truth is, where you could still see the tunnel,
done in a tree trunk through which a horse-drawn carriage passes
(by now this sequoia has already fallen)? Unfortunately, similar
tunnels and huge stumps appeared due to the efforts of people who wanted
show how big redwoods are to make extra

The good news is that the green colossi are unusually tenacious: mutilate
they can be, but kill quite difficult. So, once for
some exhibitions decided to cut down one of the highest copies
sequoias – did not work, because the saws were quickly blunt. Then in
It went powerful drill. Five workers nearly month holed barrel
from all sides, but the tree did not fall even then.

It collapsed only under the onslaught of the hurricane wind that fell on
riddled sequoia body. When it fell, the earth trembled like
natural disaster time; the tree trunk split into several
parts, branches crashed deep into the ground. The fallen sequoia never
able to take out of the woods. Nevertheless, they stripped the bark from her
bark in San Francisco assembled a round room height of 7 meters.
Inside they set up a piano and set up seats for forty

Alas, the mockery of the redwoods did not end there. Logger
Trasku came up with the idea of ​​enriching himself with wood, which is all
called the Mother of the Forest. By iron braces that Trask drove into
trunk, he got to the top, after which he took the bark from the tree and
sent her to london.

Having lost their bark, trees usually die. Mother of the Forest against all odds
survived. Rising above the crowns of other trees, she is her kind
as if reproaching people in greed and unwarranted cruelty.
And now, after many years, Americans are blushing with shame,
remembering the barbaric act of Trask.

Good, almost eternal, but not fertile sequoias

Unlike the mad woodcutter and his ilk, sequoias are
amazingly kind and generous creatures. There is a known incident.
with a hunter named Smith. Once a man discovered redwoods with
huge hollow formed during a forest fire.
The hunter settled in this grotto and for three years enjoyed his
unusual dwelling.

But once a terrible hurricane hit the forest. Smith sat in
its hollow like a frightened squirrel and trembling with fear. Somewhere near
trees crashed to the ground; burned his redwood trunk
he could not stand it either and, having collapsed, bury the man beneath him. But
the mighty tree expounded, for which the happy hunter was immensely his

Interestingly, new redwoods are born very rarely. AT
the same time, no one has yet had a chance to see how these trees
die, so to speak, natural death. Giant trunks
the sequoias that now rest on the earth fell not because the trees
died of old age, but because they became victims of natural

When Viking rooks arrived at the local shores, this redwood already
stood. By the time of Christopher Columbus, she became gigantic. Were walking
centuries, American presidents succeeded each other, and
the striking tree continued to grow and probably not even
guessed that someday people would lift from the ground his fallen
trunk, cut into pieces and one of them put up for viewing in
the museum …

Why do people not have respect for these
fantastic redwoods?

And yet an amazing thing: the whole look of these amazing
trees, their greatness and fantastic longevity should have seemed
would give reverent reverence to people, but they have long since
maniacal persistence tried to cut sequoias with electric saws, and in
failure case – blow up dynamite.

But the soft wood of these giants is good except on
matches or pegs. ATпрочем, лесных патриархов использовали и в
these purposes. Or they let their thousand-year-old flesh for souvenirs, which
so eagerly bought up by tourists. Thinking about it, you involuntarily ask
a question: what pushes the person to so monstrous acts? Deep
ignorance, absolute spiritual underdevelopment, primitive
the desire to somehow assert itself? ..

But вернемся к гигантским секвойям, что, согласитесь, намного
more pleasant. These trees have a relative, this is sequoia
evergreen, which Americans call mahogany. It
less in girth and age is more modest (about three thousand
years), but taller: 110 meters for these giants – by no means

… It’s hard to imagine a planet that would be more beautiful than
our earth. AT каждом из своих творений Природа являет нам образец
absolute harmony and beauty. How do you want to answer her
divine bounty was not the madness of destruction, but ours
gratitude, love and wise care for everything alive.

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