Shadow of the black wings

ShadowPhoto from open source This is the name of the documentary in which tells about the creative process as a sacrament. The authors the project are trying to answer what are actually artistic creations why they have such a huge impact on people, how and why individual artists create mystical works that begin to live independent life, sometimes even killing their creators, and then the owners.

For example, the mystical mystery is very interesting. painting “The Crying Boy” by Italian Bruno Amadio (Giovanni Bragolin). It is believed that the artist painted a portrait from his son, however, he did not want to cry, and then his father burned in front of his face matches, which really scared the baby. And he cried, and his father painted. But at some point, the child could not stand it and shouted to the father himself burned in the fire. After this incident, the boy soon died of pneumonia, and Giovanni Bragolin himself (or rather, his charred corpse) through a week was found in a burnt house, in which only a fire survived painting “The Crying Boy”.

Photo from open sources

Further events unfolded even more amazingly. From the picture to England were printed numerous reproductions. Since they were very cheap then appeared in many homes of the British. In 1985 the year Misty Albion was shocked by the news that in strange numerous recent fires are somehow implicated reproduction of the painting “The Crying Boy” because of the fire occur only in those houses where it is available. Moreover, even when the house burns down completely, the reproduction itself remains intact … By the way, in November of that year, all the devil’s reproductions were collected and publicly burned. At the same time, people clearly heard them sob child…

Photo from open sources

No less mysterious and the picture “Hands Resist Him” ​​Bill Stoneham, written by him in 1972. She also started to happen. all kinds of mystical stories, why the owners of this canvas or died under strange circumstances, or tried as best as possible get rid of the picture faster. Authors of the documentary project met with Bill, who is still alive, and he told them in secret, that he never painted this damn picture. That night he lifted him up some unknown force in bed, and he’s in a trance, practically nothing not remembering, painted the canvas in just a few hours, until it dawned outside the window. Who drove him with his hand and brush is not clear …

The documentary Shadow of the Black Wings reviews and many other mystical works, and not only artists, but also writers, composers … Suffice it to recall Hungarian mystical suicide anthem “Dark Sunday” composer Rezhё Sheres. By the way, this work is easy to find in Internet and listen. Although doctors and psychologists do not recommend this do…


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