Sphinxes of the Karalez Valley of Crimea

Do you know that there are sphinxes in Crimea? And although they are not
man-made, like the famous Egyptian Sphinx, nevertheless such
same mysterious and amazing.

These are the most beautiful landscape monuments of the many-sided Crimean
of nature. Not by chance in the days of the Soviet Union on the peninsula
even the most fantastic films were shot, as well as
paintings that mimic many corners of our oromian world, sometimes
completely opposite in climate. Here is such a Crimea: here
you and the sea, and mountains, and palm trees, and snow – and much more. In
including the Crimean Sphynx.

Sphinxes of the Karalez (Royal) Valley monumental rise
near the village of Zalesnoe – it is not far from the famous Mangup. If a
go from Simferopol to Bakhchisarai, they can be seen right from
the roads are those fancy stone sculptures that created the wind and
rains, time and nature’s playful whim …

In the photo: “Sphinx” on top of Demerdzhi

In fact, this is just rocky boulders, like “saddled”
stone top (stone ridge) of the Uzun-Tarla hill (in Crimea
The ancient names are mainly of Tatar origin, which is why
so romantic). The highest sphinx reaches a height of 15
meters, the rest a little less, but not in them
attractiveness, but the fact that they are really very similar to
man-made sculptures, which is why many independent researchers
involuntarily begin to attribute human qualities to nature.

However, this Crimean miracle is really amazing
the more so that from a different angle and distance sphinxes look
differently, they then come to life, start to fascinate,
attract – almost bewitch you. No wonder at this
case of believing with the legends that surround these stone

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