Stephen Frain – Second Harry Houdini

At one time, illusionist Harry Houdini with his tricks put
scientists are at a dead end as many of these tricks have contradicted
laws of physics. However, this can be attributed to almost all
illusionists who demonstrate real miracles, understand
which are simply not given to the common man – this is what
interest in such representations. However, among the magicians there are

Today, among the illusionists, certainly stands out British
magician Stephen Frain, whom the public knows more under
alias Dynamo. This man may well be called the second
Harry Houdini, since he not only demonstrates manual dexterity, but
practically shows tricks that again contradict
the laws of nature – so incomprehensible and almost magical
(watch the video about it).

Stephen himself modestly tells reporters only that his love for
this scenic art was instilled in him by his grandfather, a former military man, for
whose tricks all his life played only the role of a hobby. However any
�”Sleight of hand” of the former warrior led his grandson to such delight that
he considered his grandfather a real superhero. And really wanted to be like
him in it. And Frain eventually became this superhero!

Just imagine: walking on the water in the London River Thames,
levitation at the height of a double-decker bus, disappearing before our eyes
amazed public without any assistants and some
devices, as well as many other things that simply do not fit into
head. No wonder Dynamo is suspected of witchcraft, magic
and supernatural abilities. And he only laughs at
all these arguments, but … does not reveal its secret – in this and
The main focus of the famous illusionist, the real
King of magicians.

True, questions from the leading TV channel “Moscow-21” Stephen
answered somewhat frankly, saying that the magic is not proven
only science, although it exists in people’s minds. And here is his task
as an illusionist and a magician, help people comprehend it

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