Strange squares on the water

Near the small island Ovk, which is located near the coast
France, photographer Georg Robertson captured an amazing phenomenon –
clear squares on the water. And he himself at this time is in
easy boat – a small kayak.

The author of these pictures, which appeared on the Internet, explained that he
filmed the usual waves, when suddenly the sea began to transform, or rather
say transformed his waves, turning into these
fantastic squares that literally hit him. They
I had no idea that this is a sea phenomenon not only
interesting, but also terribly dangerous for swimmers and light boats.

According to scientists, square waves are formed due to
collisions of warm and cold currents. It is at this junction
most dangerous to be, because square waves drag
everything that is on the surface, and much faster and
ruthless than funnels. Moreover, if the funnel can be noticed
in advance, get around, then break out of these creepy square waves, if
man turned out to be in them, simply unthinkable.

Most tourists who visit this “paradise marine
corner “knows about such a danger, and therefore try to listen
to the advice of local residents who warned about it in advance.
Georg Robertson was able to avoid the inevitable death only
due to the fact that the island is a rescue helicopter.
However, he arrived in the very last moment. Few seconds
later – and we would not see all these pictures …

By the way, independent researchers do not agree with the conclusions of scientists,
that square waves form at the junction of warm and cold
currents. This is not confirmed either in the laboratory or
other places on the planet where meetings of water
streams do not form anything like this. Another mystery of the planet …

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