The alien turned out to be a frog fish

Seaside fishermen caught the real miracle Yudo, which they are here
same christened stranger. And how else, say the fishermen, because
believing in fabulous monsters does not allow them to age, but in
aliens today do not believe unless the one who firmly knows
that they are not.

Fishermen immediately filmed the “alien” on the video, which soon got
on the Internet and received wide publicity. Social users
networks are actively discussing what it is, especially since the video
one of the fishermen mentions: the miracle Yudo has two mouths (the second
located in the belly area).

However, there were also experts on marine animals who cooled
a little zeal for alien supporters. It turned out that in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk
For quite some time now a rare animal is found – a frog fish. Here is her
Primorye harvesters were caught, and even with a wealth of fishing experience
fishing without assuming that such a “disgrace” lives in the sea.

Representatives of the Institute of KamchatNIRO explained that
represents the alien’s second mouth. It turned out that
an ordinary sucker that helps this fish, or frog
stay on the bottom, easily fighting sea currents, or even
attach to sheer cliffs, merging with them and becoming
�”Invisible” for the predators around it. Whatever you say but anyway
mysterious monster of the deep sea. Just a little …

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