The biggest fears associated with the end Sveta

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Your attention – 10 of the most common apocalyptic scenarios that instill horror in our minds. What is most people are afraid when they think about the end of the world? 1. Zombies

A photo from open sources Scientists have found an effective way to deal with parasites. With the help of microbes, they can turn ants into zombies, but these microbes cannot have a similar effect on people. However, researchers are carefully studying this. transformation of ants to find out how massive epidemics. 2. Volcanoes

A photo from open sources A number of active worldwide volcanoes can not only disrupt the Earth’s climate, but also age with her faces are almost all living organisms. Unfortunately on today there are no effective strategies for prevent the effects of super-eruptions. 3. The sun Photos from open sources

The sun is a vital source of energy for us. However, a powerful solar storm can cause severe fires and serious damage to modern technological devices that theoretically can lead to complete paralysis of communications and will cause a grandiose and unpredictable panic in the population. 4.Robots Photos from open sources

Every day, computers are becoming smarter, causing concern, that soon robots will be able to conquer the Earth and enslave people. However, according to skeptics, even if robots become so independent and smart why they must be warlike and bloodthirsty? 5. Nuclear explosion

A photo from open sources Nuclear bombs are terrifying for several decades. And although the leaders of countries that possess nuclear weapons, collaborate to minimize their arsenals, nuclear terrorism remains more than relevant a problem because even a relatively small nuclear conflict can change the climate of the whole globe. 6. Infection

A photo from open sources throughout our history infectious diseases caused irreparable damage to humanity. For example, almost half of the plague died in due time. Earth population. Today, dangerous diseases like malaria, AIDS and other infections continue to collect their mortal harvest. In addition, mankind is in danger from new, not completely studied diseases. For example, super-bacteria (drug-resistant strains) that are not so easy to defeat. 7. Bursts gamma radiation

A photo from open sources Gamma-ray bursts – the products of the most powerful explosions occurring in the universe. They are capable of one such explosion throw as much energy as our The sun for 10,000,000,000 years. If one of these space “fire turntables”, located at a distance of 8000 light years away from us, within 8000 years sent towards Earth powerful gamma radiation, gamma rays, reaching us, can completely destroy life on our planet. 8. Space strike

A photo from open sources Culprit of the mass extinction of dinosaurs about 65 million years ago it is considered a powerful strike by a comet or asteroid on the surface of the earth. Even relatively small a space strike can significantly affect our lives the planet. However, scientists claim that modern systems of early warnings of any cosmic influences of this kind help prevent such clashes. 9. Black holes

A photo from open sources It is believed that the hadron collider can generate black holes that can absorb our planet. However, according to scientists, even if the particle accelerator can generate black holes that don’t immediately evaporate then given their speed and size, in order to absorb one proton, they need 100 hours, and to absorb 1 milligram mothers, they will need time appropriate to our age The universe. Therefore, do not worry about the collider, more that there is a more real threat – hundreds of black holes that, as scientists suspect, are relatively close (thousands light years) from our Galaxy. 10. Aliens

A photo from open sources In the modern view of many people aliens often look like maniacs. They are supposedly not only massively abduct people, but in every way possible over them being bullied. However, assuming that highly developed creatures crossed huge interstellar space to attack Earth, one wonders: what are the difficulties and extra curtsies for? Not Is it easier to develop a quick capture strategy?

Translation by Sergey Vasilenkov

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