The island for which Canada and Denmark are fighting

Few people know that Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark have long been in
state of war, however, this standoff is bloodless and
only a condescending smile.

Two states can not share the tiny island of Hans,
located in the Kennedy Strait between Greenland and Ellesmere.
This piece of land is only 1.3 square kilometers.
completely uninhabited. There is no fertile soil, no plants,
no living creatures.

It would seem, who needs such a useless boulder? Yes here
only in international relations it is not accepted to abandon their
claims on the territory, and Canada with Denmark for more than 8 decades
lead here a strange conflict. It lies in the fact that once
several months the island of Hans is visited by sailors of the Royal
Canadian Navy. They pull down the flag of Denmark here,
raise your tie and leaving the enemy some modest
gift, are removed back home. Then come the royal
the naval forces of Denmark who return their flag to the former
position, take away the gift and, leaving in return another, as well
float away in peace.

The history of the conflict for the island of Hans

The reason why the gray boulder in the ocean has become canoe
The stumbling block between the two countries is
the location of the island. By chance, the island of Hans is located in
the point where geography turned out to be stronger than international norms. The thing is
that this piece of sushi is located right in the middle of the strait,
separating Greenland and the Canadian territory of Nunavut. Considering
boundaries of territorial waters, enshrined in international law,
the island is at the same time the territory of both Canada and Denmark. it
a unique case, and therefore the claims of both parties can
go on forever.

In 1933, the issue was raised at the League of Nations trial, and
Hans Island finally gave Denmark with a creak. However,
remoteness of the disputed territory and the subsequent abolition of the League
Nations have led to this decision having lost all
validity In the 70s, Canada and Denmark tried again
solve the problem by drawing the maritime boundary between each other, however
neither side wanted to give way to the tiny island of Hans to the other.
And then, in view of more serious foreign policy issues, both
States for a long time forgot about their differences.

So far in 2004, the Canadian opposition did not use the island
Hans as a reason to increase the defense spending of his country. And in
July 2005, Canadian sailors landed on the island
together with the Minister of Defense, erecting a stone sculpture there and
hoisting his national flag. it, естественно, вызвало протест
from the Danish side. She hurried rivals strike back,
while maintaining goodwill and sense of humor.

War of alcoholic beverages

The Danes arrived on the island of Hans and set there their proud
banner, after lowering the enemy. In addition, they put
on the stone a bottle of good schnapps with the inscription: “Welcome to the
Danish land, help yourself. ” Canadians in turn have done
subsequently a similar manipulation with flags and gratefully taken away
booze. Instead, they left a bottle of whiskey on the island under the sign:
�”Welcome to Canada.” This fun tradition, unofficially
called the “War of Alcohol”, supported by Canadian
and Danish navigators to this day.

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