The most unusual trees in the world

There are no miracles in the surrounding nature! Today we
let’s lead the story of the most unusual trees in the world, much more
fantastic than the most fantastic stories. So look,
read and be surprised.

Australian Bottle Tree

These trees (their second name is Brachyhiton rock)
grow in the east of the Australian continent. Such a barrel
The tree really resembles a pot-bellied bottle. In height
the plant reaches 15 meters and can have a three-meter

Australia is one of the driest places on our planet
and her flora has adapted to life in harsh conditions. TO
For example, brachychitones accumulate moisture inside themselves, and it is
therefore their trunks are like thick bottles, and the branches grow very

Locals use all parts of the bottle tree – from its
roots to seeds: dark green succulent leaves are fed to cattle, and
The roots and seeds of young plants are eaten. Besides,
trees give people a very sweet and tasty juice, which
accumulates in the special cavities of the upper part of the trunks.

In a dry Australian climate, the most important part
Brachichiton is a barrel – a living reservoir of drinking water. Her
skillfully extracted from bottle trees by the locals.

Huge Sequoia Wawona Tree in USA

Wawon Tree is a giant giant sequoia,
grown in american yosemite national park and
collapsed on the ground in 1969. under the weight of snow on its branches.
The age of this giant reached, according to scientists, up to 2100 years.
Sequoia was just the same incredible size: its height was
71.3 m, and the diameter of the base of the trunk – 7.9 m.

Journey to the tree made in 1881. – in the place where there is no time
pleased lightning. The resulting tunnel quickly turned into
tourist attraction. With the development of motor transport
Especially popular are photos of people passing through a tree on
machines. The striking tunnel was 2.1 m wide, 2.7 m high,
7.9m – in length!

After the fall of redwoods, controversy broke out about what to do with it
farther. As a result, it was decided to leave Wawon in the same place:
a massive tree trunk can create its own, albeit
a small, ecosystem for a variety of plants, as well as insects and
small animals.

Interestingly, Wawona Tree still attracts tourists
next to it is a sign with the inscription “Fallen
tree-tunnel “.

TOамбоджийский тетрамелес голоцветковый

These picturesque trees, resembling oaks or centuries-old redwoods,
произрастают на территории храма Ta Prohm в TOамбодже, создавая
the impression that people have not fully conquered this temple from the jungle.
Merging with towers and walls, they seem to flow around buildings,
hug their roots and branches. TOажется, что камень и дерево
mutually penetrate, flow into each other, becoming one
whole …

Hyperion in America

This name was given to the highest (as of 2015) live
tree on earth. Hyperion is an evergreen sequoia growing in
California National Park Redwood. The height of this tree
is 115.61 m (again for 2015), the volume is approximately
530 cubic meters, age – 700-800 years.

TOаждый год Гиперион подрастает на 2,5 сантиметра. In comparison with
other very large trees, this figure is not too high.
This fact scientists explain the fact that the upper part of the trunk was
damaged by woodpeckers, making Hyperion’s growth slower.

TOак правило, очень высокие деревья растут в центральной части
valleys, where water is contained in the greatest amount (for example,
first on mass and volume on the planet tree – sequoia general
Sherman). Hyperion, by contrast, grows on a slope that
arouses even more respect for this evergreen giant.

TOривой лес в Польше

Not far from the Polish city of Gryfino is located in the highest
степени необыкновенный TOривой лес, который был посажен в 1930г.
The uniqueness of this forest is that about 400 of its trees have
90-degree bending of the trunks at the base. TOроме того, все кривые
the pines are curved towards the north and do not grow to
standard height. Despite many versions of the reasons for this
phenomenon, scientists and today can not uniquely interpret the nature
unique phenomena …

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