The Nobel Committee “politely” asks Obama return peace prize

A photo from open sources

Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Committee, said today that President Obama “really needs to consider” the immediate return of his Nobel Peace Prize medal. Jagland surrounded by four other committee members, they said they never previously did not ask for the return of the peace prize, “even from such damned war criminal like Kissinger “but,” still opened Guantanamo Bay. “Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya. Ben was killed there Laden, and did not deliver him to the dock. Committee awarded Obama’s coveted prize in 2009 after he made a series speeches in the first months of his presidency when he convinced Peace Prize committee what it was for: “creating a new climate … multilateral diplomacy … emphasis on the role of the Organization United Nations … dialogue and negotiation as tools for resolving international conflicts … and a vision of a world free from nuclear weapons. “He said committee members were “completely drunk” on the day they voted the same way it was during the annual AQUAVIT-tasting festival in Norway. The “fully smoked” members listened again and again, repeating the speech Obama in Cairo, introducing a glorious future: a black man leads America and the whole world in a new era of peace, hope and goodwill. “IN for several hours we were all like 18 year old students again in the beautiful, sometimes sunny University of Bergen! Oh how we cried with joy! “The Chairman said that Mr. Obama can send medal back in a simple packet by regular mail if that helps him overcome the embarrassment of public return. White House declined to comment. Later announced a new aggressive secret CIA initiative to identify and detain al Qaeda in countries Scandinavia. Translation of tovarizhch-A

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