The perfect woman yesterday, today and tomorrow

Many experts believe that the struggle of women for gender equality
led to the opposite effect. Women still did not
equal with men (yes it is impossible), but they have lost their
femininity and attractiveness. This happened even in Russia, not
to mention the West, where it all led to real chaos in
sexual and family relationships.

By the way, let’s turn to Ancient Russia in determining the ideal
women of the past, that is, conditional “yesterday.” Choosing a bride
Russian men of that time thought first of all about healthy
offspring, that is, about children, not about bedding. Therefore
avoided skinny girls. First, it was believed that the woman in the body
(blood and milk) is a strong woman who is capable and
to give birth to healthy children, to have a family life, and to work in the field,
and care for cattle. Secondly, thinness hinted at poverty
family girl, which again was not held in high esteem.

We also looked at the purity of the skin of the bride, because
it was easy to identify all possible health problems.
a man, and no one needed a sick wife. But the presence
a child of an unmarried was not considered a shame, rather the opposite. Shame
at that time it was not for a girl to get married before the age of 18. Thereafter
the age of the “bride” was counted as defective, and its far from
every man decided to marry. Now compare all this with
the perfect woman of today – catch the difference: how
Progress has gone far, however!

The woman of the future simply “enchants”

And now let’s look at the woman of the future, that is
conditional “tomorrow”, the ideal lady, who created us a professor
Anatomy of the University of Bristol by Alice Roberts. And although all this
she did only on the computer, the result itself is quite impressive.

Because human skin (and especially women) is very
UV sensitive, the ideal lady of the future was
awarded more perfect “skin” – frog. Human
the anatomist’s lungs have also been criticized,
since they are not able to exhale completely before a new breath
carbon dioxide, they were replaced by bird birds (surprisingly, while
the woman of the future has not been added beak – much more convenient as
many researchers say what the person of the future will be).
The legs of the modern woman were also not “hot”, but because they
had to be replaced by never-tired ostrich legs. AND
finally, according to Alice, who herself is a mother of two children, a lady
the future is better sucking, that is, it does not hurt
device for carrying children, like a kangaroo.

The result of all this was the perfect woman of the future.
(See photos, but do not faint). True, Alice Roberts
and she herself was extremely surprised by the result, however,
believes that the main thing in a woman is not beauty (this is all a convention), but
perfect adaptability to life on our planet.

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