The rich are also … poor

People possessing huge, most often billions of
states, too, can be divided into “rich” and “poor.”

The first get maximum pleasure from their money, and
necessarily rushing them left and right. For example, a billionaire
Olaf Toon of Norway lives very modestly, however all his money without
he sends the rest to help people – and therefore he is happy. Second
very similar to famous literary heroes: A miserly knight
A. Pushkin or Plyushkin N. Gogol.

�”The poor rich” do not get any happiness from their money, nor
the slightest pleasure, rather the contrary, is a trap that cleverly
caught them in the net of poverty and eternal suffering. Here are the most
the famous “Plyushkins” in a story that is not so distant from us.

Henrietta Howland “Getty” Green

This brilliant financier of past centuries (1834 – 1916)
also called a witch from Walt Street. Henrietta died at 82,
leaving a state equivalent to today’s 20 billion dollars
USA. However, in life she dressed as a simple maid, rented
the cheapest apartments and even heated up oatmeal on the battery,
so as not to spend money on the use of the stove. And this despite the fact that
owned whole neighborhoods in chicago.

Her son’s leg was amputated only because the mean mother
I had been looking for a free hospital for several days. And even death
Henrietta was an example of her pathological greed: the elderly
the woman had a stroke when she found out that her cook paid for
a bottle of milk is somewhat larger than usual …

John paul getty

One of the most famous oil magnates and the richest people XX
века был John paul getty (1892 — 1976 гг.) При этом он был настолько
the mean that wore the cheapest clothes, and constantly wrinkled,
because he did not want to spend money even on an iron. His house stood
street telephones, so that the guests themselves pay their
phone conversations.

But the most egregious example of this innate greed was
tragedy with his kind favorite grandson. The young man was kidnapped by robbers
demanding a ransom of 17 million from the oil tycoon
dollars. And although John Paul Getty had billions, he was long
bargained with robbers, having bought the boy in the end for 3
миллиона dollars. And although the grandson was sort of released, however, because
the greed of his grandfather, he received many injuries from bandits (they sent
grandfather’s young man’s ear cut off, then his fingers), and therefore soon became numb and
blind, eventually died in a wheelchair …

Ingvar Kamprad

Some researchers include the founder of the “poor rich”
the company IKEA Ingvar Kamprad (born. 1926), the state of the family
which is currently valued at 40 billion dollars

He modestly dressed all his life, fed at the cheapest
restaurants, stayed in cheap hotels, and flew on airplanes
as an ordinary economy class passenger. And so did
all In his house, even all the furniture from his own company IKEA. And although in
this can be seen simply modesty multimillionaire, however
факт, что в нежелании платить налоги государству Ingvar Kamprad в
his time is leaving his native Sweden to Switzerland, talking about
the reverse is about his pathological avarice. So many people think …

Although … today this very frugal person has transferred his business
children, and, apparently, they do not follow the father’s example, that is, they don’t
wish to live poor, while having billions …

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