The shortest flight lasts 47 seconds

In order to get from the Scottish island of Westray to Papa Westray Islands, which are at a distance of 2700 meters apart, local residents have to use the services Loganair Airlines, reports The shortest flight lasts 47 seconds.Photos from open sources The flight lasts only 47 seconds, and ticket price is 30 dollars. The amount includes compensation to the environmental fund. Upon landing, a certificate is issued for personal signed by the captain of the aircraft. Passengers on board there are 4 minutes, two of which are necessary to start the engine, takeoff and braking. Three people work at the airport. There is no pre-flight control of passengers and baggage. Flight from one island to another is officially considered the shortest by flight. Photos from open sources In the world, there are other baby airlines. For example, in Polynesia, an Airline flight Moorea lasts five minutes. In the USA, between the cities of Rochester and Burlington – seven. The longest flight in the world is New York – Singapore with a length of 16,600 km, flight time 18 h 50 min. Second a seat takes another Singapore Airlines flight – to Los Angeles (LAX). It is about an hour and 1,000 kilometers shorter.

The islands

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