The smallest beach on the planet

Have you ever heard of a far away beach
from the sea? This miracle of nature called Playa de Gulpiyuri can
find near the Spanish town of Llanes in the north of the country.

It is located a hundred meters from the Cantabrian Sea.
Amazingly, the water in this tiny idyllic corner is also
sea A unique oasis is a popular tourist destination.
landmark and a protected monument.

Playa de Gulpiyuri is considered the smallest beach on the planet.
True or not, no one is officially accepted, however
There is no doubt that this beach is one of the most
unusual and picturesque in the world. 40 meter strip of golden sand
goes here in crystal clear water surrounded by greenery
cliffs. �”Gulpiyuri” is translated into Russian as the “ring of water”,
however, this place is more like a smooth circle segment.

Playa de Gulpiyuri is a karstic funnel,
filled with water. The water level depends on tides and
ebbs in the cantabrian sea. At high tide water near the beach
rises, and during ebb – completely disappears, to a huge
surprise visitors. The fact is that ocean water seeps into
underground caves, cracks and rifts, coming to the surface in this
depression, formed in the ice age.

During the tides you can swim here (even though it’s loud
said) and dive, but most of the year the water comes
just a rest up to his knees. In addition, it is always cold –
even in hot summer weather its temperature reaches only 15-18
degrees Celsius. Located on the smallest beach on the planet
only 3-4 dozens of people can, otherwise you can’t avoid a crush. By
According to many experienced travelers, Playa de Gulpiyuri is
one of those places that the avid tourist should visit at least
once in a lifetime.

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