The soul of a woman approached hell itself

On the experience of clinical death, when a person’s consciousness leaves
the body and the “dead” as if sees itself from the side, and then experiences
still flying towards the light or falling into the darkness or a fiery hyena written
a lot. It’s amazing that everyone who returns from there becomes
completely different person, and his experience, unfortunately, no one not
teaches …

The most terrible experience seems when a person experiences when
this terrible vision, it is about such a case tells
Reddit resource user. It happened to his aunt. That’s what she
told her nephew:

At first my mind separated from the body, and I kind of
soared over the operating table, watching as doctors all
forces are trying to bring me back to life. Then I began to pull
up, I flew out of the hospital building and … immediately fell into a terrible
darkness There was a feeling that I was floating over a mud swamp, and this
the swamp ended in a bottomless black flop.

Surprisingly, behind the failure I saw a wonderful glade,
the forest, the river, filled with some kind of divine light, and I myself flew to
the twilight of true horror. Suddenly a pair of hands rose from this swamp,
grabbed me and began to pull down, almost tearing off my flesh,
thus delivering me unbearable pain. I began to resist and
at some point the terrible hands weakened and … let me go. I
looked at the black swamp, out of the corner of my eye noticed through the failure
sunny glade and – further complete darkness. I woke up already
operating table around me fussed rejoiced my
�”Return” doctors …

As the author of the publication writes, his aunt is sure that she
approached hell itself, a little more and … But God took pity on
a woman and let her go to Earth, where now she will be with all her might
pray for your sins, to go to the sun after death
clearing, and not in a terrible swamp.

Official science is trying to prove that such visions during
clinical death is nothing more than residual work still alive
the brain, but not the journey of the soul in a subtle afterlife. but
progressive researchers, spiritual people believe that everything is
just different, and such an experience, which is experienced
relatively many, can not be explained only by death
hallucinations. This is too simplistic materialistic approach,
which is our soul, experiencing death more than once or twice (if
accept the theory of reincarnation), does not want to accept, because
genetic memory tells us the opposite …

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