The will of the dying is sacred – remember this

This story happened back in Soviet times, when the main
Her hero, named Sergei, was a university student and received
scholarship as needy: his large family has lost
breadwinner father, who died in the logging, and lived very poorly. By
graduation from university of Sergey, as they say, driven into a bear
the corner where he had to work out his scholarship.

When Sergey received a telegram that his mother was strong
sick and dying, the young specialist was not released from work, so
how to replace it was nobody. With the dying was her daughter Tanya,
that time is the bride. It was her last request.
mother. The woman wanted to be buried in her wedding dress,
which many years ago she stood in front of the altar. Of course, Tanya
promised to fulfill the maternal will, and a few days later the patient
passed away.

Her son Sergey was able to come to his father’s house only after a couple of months
and his return was marked by a miracle. The guy was walking toward the house
to the summer garden and suddenly I saw a path going towards him …
собственную mother. She seemed alive and even spoke to her son.
The woman complained that Tanya never completed it.
the death request and thus incurred great misfortune.
However, the tragedy can still be avoided, for this wedding dress
should be given today to a beggar. Having said this, the mother affectionately
looked at Sergey and, having crossed him, as if melted in the air.
He rushed to the house …

A conversation with an older sister confirmed everything said by the deceased.
At first Tanya turned pale, then burst into tears and told how she
ослушалась свою mother. The girl regretted the silk wedding dress and
I decided to dress him for my own wedding, and my mother was buried in her
ordinary satin dress, because no one except Tanya knew about
the last will of the dying.

Now her sister bitterly repented, cried and wondered how
you can give mom’s dress to a beggar if everyone knows that they themselves
the poor and no one will go to them for alms …

Sergey began to reassure his sister: if mom said so,
It means that today they will come to us for alms. Still
sobbing and wiping away tears, Tanya pulled out of the trunk
wedding dress.

And two hours had not passed, as they knocked on their garden gate.
The old man bowed out of a godlike look and humbly asked:

– For the sake of Christ, sacrifice to the poor bride at least something from the clothes.
I have nothing to wear a great-granddaughter, good people! ..

With joy and indescribable relief brother and sister gave
old man’s wedding dress mother. And he suddenly once – and disappeared,
as if he was not there at all …

Since then, Tatyana’s life has changed dramatically for the better.
side: she got a good husband, wealth appeared in the house,
thanks to which she was able to lift up the younger sisters and brothers.
God gave his children …

And Sergey, having stayed in the father’s house for a couple of weeks, again left for his
wilderness One day he dreamed of a deceased mother – in snow-white
silk dress, young, beautiful and happy. Byдошла к сыну и,
giving a loving smile, said softly:

– Cheer up, you will soon be invited to Moscow.

So it happened after that.

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