Trees can heal in gratitude

Many years ago, a resident of Tver, Peter Ivanovich Pavlov read in
the magazine is an interesting story about how an ordinary tree saved
man from a fatal disease. It happened like this …

He helped the tree – the tree helped him

Once Ignatius (that was the name of the author of the story) discovered on his
palms slight swelling. Doctors reassured him: they say nothing
terrible, she will pass. However, the tumor grew until it became clear
that it is malignant. Doctors talked about the amputation of the arm.
Shocked by this news, Ignatius did not find a place for himself even before
operation went to the village. There, in a small house, passed once
his childhood

… The country house has long been empty, the once generous garden has run wild
the garden was flooded with weeds. In the front garden, on absolutely scorched
the sun of the earth, a lonely tree grew, and it was clear that it
doomed to ruin. Suddenly, the man felt crazy
pity for this unfortunate tree, and for yourself …

Finding in the barn an old watering can and a crumpled bucket, he began to carry in
front garden water. However, the land was too withered and not
I wanted to take moisture. Then Ignatius began punching holes with a crowbar and
pour water into them to water the roots. The work went very
slowly, but the man did not give up – dragged water and one after another
punched holes in hard, like stone, soil …

The earth was shrouded in twilight, the moon rose in the dark sky, and he all
continued to walk to the well. Finally, deep in the night, completely
exhausted, Ignatius realized that the moisture had permeated the soil, and
so the tree was saved! ..

The man perceptibly peeled off his sore palm and was incredibly tired. is he
wrapped his arms around a tree trunk, buried his forehead in it and froze.
Ignatius did not remember how much he stood hugging him
tree He didn’t want to open his arms and leave. For the first time in
the last days of the man was really calm. Appeared
feeling confident that everything will be fine with him. Returning to
the city, Ignatius discovered that the cancer in his palm is bigger
No, she simply disappeared! ..

Forest gratitude needs to be earned

Peter Ivanovich remembered this amazing story when
found himself in a difficult situation. The man also suffered from incurable
diseases and decided to seek salvation from Mother Nature. is he шел в лес,
chose a tree that somehow attracted him, and leaning against
trunk, told the green giant about his sorrows.

Pavlov did this many times, sometimes he even spent the night in
forest often trying to make friends with maple or pine. But relief
for some reason did not come.

In trying to find a common language with nature, years passed. Ailment
overpowered, medications could not help, the man’s body was aging. Its
he perceived a serious condition already as norm. Walk in the forest
it became increasingly difficult, and Ivan Petrovich was disappointed in these
hikes …

But one day he was going to fish. Passing through the forest
the road to the river met Pavlov with piles of garbage, tumbled down and
burned trees, “scattering” of disposable tableware and glass containers,
empty tetrapacks and many other “surprises”.

Depressed by this landscape, Ivan Petrovich finally came to the river. On
Fishermen sat in a multitude on the shore, some came here with their families.
However, there was litter everywhere, plastic bottles
swaying on the surface of the water … Any desire to fish with Pavlov

Pondering what to do now, the man wandered aimlessly along
shore. Then, pulling a plastic bag out of his pocket, he began
silently collect trash. For a time, this idea seemed to him
meaningless: well, what can be done with two hands and with one package,
when around such a dump?

Then it went smoothly. Plastic bottles Ivan Petrovich
crushed and tamped so that they did not take up much space, but
glassware “buried” in the ground. The paper is carried to the old campfire and there
burned There were a lot of empty bags among the rubbish that a man is here
same let in the case.

Pavlova’s initiative did not go unnoticed. Many shouted that
He is engaged in nonsense, but there were also volunteers. AT
As a result, a decent part of the forest was cleared.

And what a relief after that, Ivan Petrovich! On душе
it became calm and easy. is he не жалел о сорвавшейся рыбалке, а
I was glad that I was able to help the forest and some of it became cleaner! ..
Arriving home, the man noticed that he felt extraordinarily
good: habitual pains have disappeared somewhere and there is no need to drink handfuls
pills. At night, he slept like a baby.

After a while, Ivan Petrovich came again to the river and with
I was glad to see that it was clean. Then he moved on and, finding
littered place, began to clean it. Such unusual hikes have become
for men, the meaning of life. is heи давали ему силы, а многолетний недуг
step by step backing away. But that’s not all, in the life of Ivan Petrovich
miraculous changes began to take place for the better – at home, at work,
in monetary matters. And also – a beloved woman appeared …

ATот так он понял и всем сердцем прочувствовал, что деревья – это
living beings responsive kind and grateful. Make them
your friends, says Ivan Petrovich, – and your life will be
much lighter, harmonious and happy. ATопрос в другом —
how to make them your friends? Only sincere love and
real concern for these wise, omnipotent and at the same time such
the defenseless creatures of our planet …

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