Unusual Spotted Lake Kliluk

Not far from the Canadian town of Osuhus is a unique
reservoir – Lake Kliluk or, as it is called by the people, Spotted
the lake is considered to be the richest in minerals. It has 365
�”Circles” of various sizes and depths, as if for every day of the year –

Legends and features of the sacred lake

This amazing reservoir got its name from the indigenous
the Kliuk people living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and
considering the lake curative and sacred. Representatives of the clouk on
over the centuries come here to get healing
from their ailments. This is indicated by ceremonial stone
piles that can be seen on the shores of Spotted Lake. One of
local legends say that sometime between two tribes in these
there was a battle, and the belligerents declared a truce in order to
their wounded could be treated in the miraculous water of the lake. But how
only they did it – the feud is over …

During the summer heat, most of the lake water evaporates and
accumulations of minerals are seen especially well. They are shaped like spots –
different in color due to different mineral composition. AT
most of the spots are magnesium sulfate – the so-called.
�”English salt”. It is said that the highest is present here.
natural concentration of this mineral on the planet. Also great
sodium and calcium sulphate content.

AT наиболее засушливые периоды Клилук и вовсе остается без воды,
and then between the spots you can walk on foot, but this is the strictest
prohibited. True, animals still come to the lake, only
it is not clear why? Do not drink the water …

As for winter, even under ice and snow you can
consider on it a kind of “dimples” from the usual circles.

Fight for owning a lake

For a long time, the sacred Native American lake belonged to white, and it
in spite of the fact that the “First Nations” constantly sought to preserve
the right to own this land and water. Especially aggravated
the struggle for this ownership after 1979, when the then owner
Kliuka Ernest Smith decided to open on its shores a unique
SPA-resort for the recovery of all who had money for it.

Canadian Indians fought against for two decades
this event, rightly considering that the lake belongs to them, and
white people do not have the right to arrange on the sacred land
all kinds of entertainment and tourism centers.

This struggle ended in victory for the “first people”, in 2001
Smith agreed to sell the lake to the Indians for 720 thousand American
dollars. The transaction took place, and now Kliluk belongs to the root
the population of this region.

Today, the Spotted Lake is protected as
Canadian Indians and the state. Currently it is
fenced, although everything goes to the fact that soon there will be
there is an observation deck for tourists who want to admire
of this incomparable, some fantastic beauty, without disturbing
only a delicate natural balance, but also the “wise dream” of sacred stones
Okanagan people …

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