We have been eating insects for a long time.

On our site you can find information that civilized
The West is increasingly starting to move on food from insects, in
particular, from cockroaches, grasshoppers, larvae from butterflies, various
bugs and so on.

Also note that in the East, some people have long been
feed on insects. And it is quite justified: first, such
diet is comparable in nutritional value, and even significantly
superior to traditional meat. Secondly, it is very cheap and
affordable product (compared to beef, pork and others).
Thirdly, such food practically does not harm human
to the body.

Each of us eats little cochineal bugs

Br-r, absolutely most people will frown, eat insects –
what an abomination! However, humanity, it turns out, from time immemorial
uses insects for food, albeit in small quantities. More
Moreover, it is safe to say that you, our dear reader,
surely ate them too.

The fact is that the most famous natural dye
red colored carmine that has been used for many
centuries and is still used in the production of many food
products, especially culinary, made from small bugs –
cochineal. It is they who in the ground form give red (shades can
be very different depending on the production and probably
the most original product) color.

Moreover, this natural dye is very high quality, because
does not lose its bright colors under any circumstances, whether
high or too low temperatures, some kind of chemical
reagents, sunlight or something else. No wonder that in all
foreseeable times carmine was widely used, and people practically
all, without exception, used it, that is, fed (albeit in small
количествах) перемолотыми жучками cochineal.

By the way, these bugs are most common in Latin America, and
Peru is a country that exports carmine in the most
large quantities, and, worldwide.

The natural dye carmine is used in the production
ice cream, pies, muffins, soft drinks, sausages,
artificial caviar (for example, alginic) and many other products
supply (by the way, carmine is widely used and as an excellent
The dye is not for food products, but just as part of this
we are not going to touch upon this topic especially). Of course,
today there are a lot of artificial colors that are easy to color
replace cochineal, and they are significantly less than carmine
cheaper. However, they have a serious drawback – harm to
human body. Other natural dyes red
colors made, for example, based on beet or berry extract are not
compete with carmine for durability shade, losing it
when exposed to a particular treatment and even exposure
the environment.

From the history of the use of insects cochineal

Note, cochineal was used as Maya dye,
the history of the emergence and spread of carmine in the world in detail and very
interestingly, for example, a researcher, author of a book
�“Perfectly Red” Amy Butler Greenfield. If desired, this work can be
find on the Internet and get acquainted with such a remarkable topic
research in more detail.

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