Weird fish caught in China

In the province of Fujian in eastern China the other day there was a strong
low tide. Due to a significant decrease in the water level of the ocean near
coast has become so shallow that the locals could calmly
walk on it, looking for various mollusks, crabs and other
marine life, for the most part, out of curiosity.

The video below was taken by one of these.
curious. A man suddenly discovered a strange fish in the water
with a big mouth and a kind of hard “shell” on the back. Eyes
incomprehensible fish are located in front of her head, and not on the sides,
from which we can conclude that we face a predator.

The surprised Chinese showed these shots to several fishermen and sea
biologists, however, they failed to determine what kind of fish. Roller
managed to fly around many sites on the World Wide Web, but not yet
one web user failed to shed light on the nature of this
sea ​​creatures. Perhaps this is a completely new kind of fish,
not known official science.

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