When the fern blooms

Do not count the myths, fairy tales and legends dedicated to the fern. Him
a flower blooming briefly on the Kupala night is considered
the strongest talisman of wealth. His search for people engaged in
for centuries …

Fern as a talisman

The fern is one of the oldest green inhabitants
Of the earth. And since people began to use healing and
the magical properties of plants, it remains steadily popular in
esoteric and traditional medicine.

The main property of a fern is its ability
�”Drive away” all dark, negative, evil and at the same time
attract good The best talisman from evil is thus just
can not found.

If you put a sprig of fern at your front door
(for example, under the rug) or fasten it to the door trim,
your house will not be afraid of any robbers or a fire.

Brought into the matrimonial bedroom, fern will protect loved ones
people from misunderstanding, quarrels and infidelity.

If you or your children have nightmares, the plant should
keep under the pillow and on the floor at the head of the bed. Then dark
the demons will retreat and your sleep will be undisturbed.

Fern with success attracts love. If a girl is passionate
wants to get married, she must weave the plant into her hair,
jewelry, wear a piece of it near your body. Then betrothed
surely and soon it will find.

About the healing properties of fern

In places where fern grows, it is often used as
same as plantain. In other words, if you hurt yourself,
cut yourself, being in nature, attach to the wound fern. But
the only condition is for a short time.

Inside this plant is taken for a special doctor’s prescription.
However, if you have a backache or rheumatism, a decoction will help
from the roots of a fern with which you need to take a bath. Can you
fill the leaves with a mattress – and your back will be very grateful to you.
When coughing fresh or dried fern leaves need to be applied
to the chest, in the area of ​​the lungs. Top you should put something warm and
keep such a “compress” at least half an hour.

Fern flower can fulfill your desires

The main aspirations of people relate to the fern flower. But когда он
does it bloom? Alas, legends and myths are one thing, but reality
sometimes debunks the magic. So with fern it turned out
same Scientists unequivocally declare that there is not a single blooming
varieties of this plant. It turns out that ancient legends
are lying?

According to historians and folklore specialists, the flower
fern is a symbol. The same as, for example, blue bird
happiness However, there is one “magic” nuance. Since the flower
fern, no one, for obvious reasons, did not see, it can
create your own hands, using for this any assistants
materials and, of course, their imagination. True, we make a reservation right away
this flower should be red. Everything else is yours
to desire.

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