Where did the thousand bodies of those killed by the terrorist attack 11 September?

Over 11 years after catastrophic destruction World Trade Center, New York City Government finally puzzled by the question: what could happen to 1116 disappeared victim in him?

Every time a building collapses in history, everything the bodies of the dead were recovered from under the debris more or less intact. The reason is that in collapsing buildings, human bodies crush but do not break up into tiny particles or disappear without a trace.

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However, September 11, 2001 the most famous “collapse of buildings” in history somehow led to the magical extinction of more 1 thousand bodies of victims. Despite careful screening and digging “was found neither a scrap of skin, nor a fragment of a nail, nor a bone fragment of at least one of these bodies.

But this secret is not the only one. Little is left of those 1634 WTC inhabitants who have not completely disappeared. Most of human remains discovered and identified by DNA had the shape of the smallest, atomized particles, not whole bodies.

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What happened to almost 3 thousand human bodies exposed annihilation during ten-second disappearance of 110-story Towers? Answer: the same as with office furniture, cabinets for storage of documents, telephones, computers and other contents skyscrapers. Almost no residues were found and these objects. They, like human bodies, somehow turned into a mixture of tiny fragments and less than 100 micron dust, attributed to the sea and slowly settled in the Atlantic Ocean. how noted one of the sifters, diggers, the largest fragment office environment, recovered from the epicenter, was a tiny chip telephone keypad.

Today, over 11 years later, the New York government finally recognizes the existence of mystery. In a memo to families killed in 9/11, New York official Casey Holloway announced that this Monday, April 1, the Chief Medical Officer City forensic expert to begin at Fresh Kills dump on Staten Island sifting the ruins of the World Trade Center, requiring 60 truck trips for their export. According to representative of the city, they hope to find the remains of at least part out of 1,116 victims.

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Unfortunately, the chances of finding any significant new the death toll seems weak. After all, the wreckage Twin Towers – Which By Mass Made Up Less Than 50 Percent The towers (what happened to the rest of this mass?) Were already carefully sifted and dug over 10 years ago. City decision sift the debris of buildings, starting from April 1, does not carry a passing resemblance to the decision of George W. Bush to sink into knee-elbow pose to search under your desktop Missing Iraqi WMD. Is it really cruel April Fool’s joke?

The absence of crushed, but whole human bodies, office furniture and appliances, as well as 50 percent of the mass of the Towers suggests that the Gemini did not collapse – they exploded. It may explain why the entire roof of the neighboring Deutsche Bank building, as was discovered in 2006, dotted with the smallest fragments of human bones. The simple gravitational collapse underlying conclusions of the official government report NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology; approx. mixednews.ru), post human skeletons into fragments and lead to the deposition of these splinters all over the roof of a neighboring building.

Were there twin towers and thousands of people who were in them? blown into small pieces with explosives? It is in this Many family members of 9/11 victims believe. Robert Macilvain whose son Bobby died in the Twin Towers on September 11, saying that approximately half of the family share the suspicion that the Towers were demolished by explosion during a terrorist attack under someone else’s flag. The famous hero of September 11, William Rodriguez, who spoke with hundreds thousand people around the world is another representative survivors in 9/11 claiming evidence of “governed demolition “are an open secret.

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Scientist Carl Sagan once remarked that “the lack of evidence is not evidence of absence. “But sometimes absence evidence is indisputable evidence of guilt. Lack of whole bodies, office contents and half the mass of the Twin Towers – this is incontrovertible evidence that the Towers were demolished by an explosion.

Missing contents and mass of Twin Towers is not the only the mysterious “absence” associated with September 11th. Among others notable “missing evidence” includes:

▪ Lack of more than 80 American videos governments that capture the Pentagon strike, while some of them were seized by FBI agents literally moments later after the attack. Only a few frames were published, and on these only the Pentagon explosion is visible, but not a big one airliner.

▪ Lack of 100 thousand kg of passenger Boeing-757, which, as believed to have crashed into the Pentagon. There is no film with these 100-ton debris of an airliner, or luggage of an airplane and remains passengers who have ever been removed from any of the three far Separated from each other zones of defeat of the Pentagon.

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▪ Lack of 100 thousand kg of a Boeing 757 airliner, which supposedly left in soft ground under a shallow crater with a diameter of 15 feet (4.6 m; approx.) in Shanksville, PA. There is no evidence of what was recovered from the ground at the alleged site of the fall 100 tons of wreckage of the liner along with what remains of the passengers and luggage.

▪ Lack of official passenger lists for airlines, filming materials of security cameras, ticket roots, testimony of airline workers or any other actual evidence that 19 young Arabs accused in the September 11 attacks, they were generally on airplanes.

▪ Lack of audio recordings of FAA personnel (Federal Aviation Agency) reporting to each other that they survived September 11th. These records were seized by the FAA Inspector, finely cut and then scattered across many far apart friend of garbage cans – so that they could never be collected and reestablish.

▪ The absence of indestructible “black boxes” of aircraft that crashed into twin towers. US government claims that these flight information fixation devices were never found, but the first answers indicated that they were available, when they were found and taken by FBI agents.

▪ Lack of the most important evidence referred to government – audio and video recordings of protracted torture sessions and scripted false confessions of a mentally retarded “mastermind 9/11” Abu Zubeida and his “associate” “Khalid Sheikh Muhammad. The CIA admits that it illegally destroyed these records, second-hand anonymous reports in the report Commission on September 11th as his only evidence version with 19 hijackers.

Even plastic phones did not crumble to dust and did not melted, where did the bones and flesh of men go?

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▪ The absence of at least some believable and innocent Explain BBC’s premature collapse of Building No. 7 World Trade Center, Larry Silverstein’s Confession that he demolished the WTC-7 and (of course) the clearly controlled nature of the demolition this building.

In each of these cases – as with respect to 1,116 missing victims – lack of evidence is irrefutable proof of guilt.

The US government is now facing a complete absence legitimacy.

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