Winter paintings that are filled with happiness

American artist Robert Duncan gives the world pictures
village life, and so piercing in its
content overflowing with some kind of unusual, almost fantastic
the light of happiness that you can admire them endlessly. Not by chance we
invite you to see some of them concerning winter
themes, this New Year’s holiday.

These are infinitely light and joyful art canvases, themes
for which the master still draws from his childhood. At 11 years old
Robert Duncan first came to the village when his parents took
guy to grandparents at a ranch that was in the state
Wyoming. About that and the subsequent children’s village “holidays”
artist remained so fabulous memories that he still
has since embodied them in his wonderful paintings.

By the way, it was the village that made the young man choose such a profession,
because Robert wanted to convey the beauty of nature that he
saw and felt the rest of the people leave it in the memory of people
capture forever. Enrolling later in higher artistic
institution, and becoming, in the end, a professional painter, he
devoted his life to displaying on his canvases of rural life.
The way it should be, ideally, what it sees in childhood,
probably, almost everyone, what she dreams about us sometimes at night, but
most often “comes” in certain manifestations on the New Year and

At the moment, Robert Duncan with his wife and children
lives in a small American town that, although not
village, but very close to it. In the house of the artist, not only six
children, which in itself is wonderful, but a few more dogs and
cats in the yard is a real agricultural
a zoo, and beyond the fence of this little corner of happiness stretch
fields and open wonderful natural landscapes. Greater joy on
every day for himself and his loved ones Robert Duncan is simply not

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